[3.6] Managing Playlists (resolved)

Hi All

I’m booting Lakka 3.6 from a USB drive but would like to know whether it is possible to manage playlists from within Lakka? I am unable to find this option within the menu system. Luckily, I am running Ubuntu so am I am able to manage that way but I would imaging this might be an issue for Windows users.

Also, may I ask why Lakka-Disk has been set to Ext4? Is there a reason for this? Just curious.


As I just described in different post of yours, there is playlist management directly in RetroArch (Settings → Playlists, maybe requires activation of advances settings via Settings → User Interface → Show Advanced Settings).

Regarding the file system choice - this is due to the fact that we use the “disk” partition as an “upper” layer for overlays (where the lower layer is read only rootfs - like for adding own assets, cores, and other stuff - see various /tmp mount points of running system). And also some services like bluetooth use colons in file names. I think FAT/exFAT file systems do not support this requirements.

Yes, playlists needed to be enabled via Advanced Settings.

Thanks for the explanation regarding file system.