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Dreamcast 4K Vertical Overlay


Thank you for this video, Orionsangel. I’m new to this, and am very much looking forward to getting your bezels up and running. Hoping I can find a way to switch between portrait and landscape. I’ll figure it out!

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Really love the wooden pedestal look.

Wanted to comment on Defender bezel, but forum disallows more than three consecutive replies, so I’m prompted to edit a former reply. Strange forum architecture (?) Anyway – Defender bezel is extra special with that lower 1/3 front of cab stencil art. Especially well done!

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Dreamstate – I really love the “night arcade” look you’re going for here. The Chuck E Cheese near our house growing up was blacklighted out. Just magical. We never wanted to leave! Where can I find your bezels? Forgive my newbishness…

War Gods 4K Vertical Overlay

I don’t have the CHD for this one set up so couldn’t get a proper screenshot. This one was requested by @walter.farmacia and he supplied the bezel for this:


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4K Dig Dug Overlay


Hi @walter.farmacia, just wondering why you posted this Alien Syndrome overlay here? I’ve already created an overlay for this game back on Feb 17th.

excuse me I put it where it wasn’t, it was just for you to see it, it won’t happen anymore

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Ah, I gotcha, no worries.

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It looks really nice with the wood grain on the area under the marquee.

Would you like me to split it off into your own thread where you can post your own overlays/variations?


no thanks! I had only done it for Arsinvictus to see it, it was that I put it where it was not excuse me, I do not do it again

It was that I put it where it did not go, excuse me, I will not do it again

Wizard of Wor 4K Vertical Overlay


Quite nice! New speaker model on this one?

Thanks for the reply, Dreamstate. Totally understand your situation. Sorry about your current unemployment. Been there! Hang in there, sir.

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Yeah, the artwork pack I found for this game included the original cabinet speaker graphics. They were pretty grainy and pixellated so I did some cleanup and darkened them a bit so they don’t look so bad. It’s nice to have the variety and be a little more authentic than my stock images.


Hey @Dreamstate, I hope you can find work again soon. It’s a bad time right now :frowning:


Updated a handful of older overlays with current design elements:

It’s kind of cool to see the evolution, from the first time I put these together to now:


Wow! These look fantastic. Thanks, ArsInvictus.

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