Accurate PS1 Emulation? (Visually - Can't seem to disable smoothing)


Does anyone know the best settings to get accurate PS1 emulation?

I seem to get smoothing in Beetle PSX HW even with all the smoothing turned off

See example here:


Can’t say if i’ve noticed this kind of problem myself, but one thing i can recommend is to give the regular beetle-psx a try (non-hw). If you are running in software mode you probably wont be using any hw related features.


Thanks for the suggestion, what are the main differences we’re dealing with between the HW and non HW version? I only use HW becuase it’s what I see everyone suggesting.


The non-HW core only has the software renderer, which is the most accurate. It’s the best if you like native resolution without graphics improvements. Though it does actually have options like upscaling and the ability to disable dithering. But the upscaling is much more CPU intensive than the HW renderers.


I guess my question is, why does the non-hw even exist if the HW can do software an an option anyway. What is the difference at that point?


Though they use the same codebase, some of the code paths are different and there have been claims of some rendering bugs with the HW core’s software renderer that aren’t present in the pure software core. I don’t know how true this is, though, as I’ve never encountered anything of the sort.


do you have HW Bilinear filtering turned on in your retroarch (not core) video settings? that would smooth everything regardless of core options.


I do not have it on. Although - I’m starting to think it only effects the bios screen? Playing games it’s hard to tell if it’s sill applied.


The BIOS screen is 480i instead of 240p. Is it possible that you’re seeing the doubled resolution and interpreting it as smoothing?


I’d say take a look at the screenshot and decide for yourself. To me - the letters have a very smooth edge to them. Way beyond what 480i would produce. I’m almost sure the bios screen has some kind of filtering on it.

Watching the boot up screen on youtube produces a shaper native pixelated look that I’d expect.


Here’s a raw (i.e., non-GPU) screenshot of the BIOS screen:Castlevania-190317-121156

it’s 640x480. If you’re then scaling it bilinearly to fit your screen, it will look a little smoother than if you scale with nearest neighbor.