Add information for roms in custom playlists?

So, I was wondering if there’s any way to add information to roms in custom playlists?

I know with roms that are automatically added to system playlists (like the Kirby’s Toy Box games added to SNES), they would display something like this:

But, with games added to a custom playlist (and custom names), here’s what shows up (using the same game as above as an example):

So, can what I’m looking to do actually be done? Thanks!

It’s possible, but not as easily as editing a custom playlist. You need to edit and compile a custom database, like the one discussed on this post:

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For those who customize their playlists it would work if the information lookup would not only consider file names, but (in case of no match) also the CRC checksum if present in the playlist.

HUUGE digging up… I would like to know if there’s a mean to make custom Rom’s being recognized. I would like to play a patched Rom of Xenogears, I can play it but it isn’t recognized. And since I use RetroArch, I would also be able to take advantage of RetroAchievements. (I can’t create my own subject, sorry for digging that up I searched everywhere how to do that, but can’t really find).

You can use the manual scan to get unrecognized game into your playlists, but achievements are another story, as they need to match the game exactly for RAM locations, etc.

Thanks for your reply. I did what you said, it’s just that I have no thumbnail nor information displayed for the rom :sweat_smile: Yes I like those unecessary informations!

Those matches are based on the name displayed in the playlist, so you can go into the lpl and edit the entry to match the “real” one, or you can copy and rename the thumbnail stuff to match the manually-created name.

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