ArsInvictus' 4K Bezel Overlays

Wow! These look fantastic. Thanks, ArsInvictus.

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Pretty sure Bubble Bobble isn’t available for download in your Dropbox, Ars. Can you point me in the right direction?

Sorry about that, should be there now!

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Thank you! Love this one.

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Custom Deathsmiles 4K overlay

This one took quite a few hours and there was a lot of digging to find source material. I couldn’t locate a decent scan of the original Deathsmiles instruction card so I used material from a strategy guide and other graphics I found on the shmups system11 forum to create my own. It fairly closely matches some content from the original instruction card that I mixed in with other content from the larger instruction set in the arcade art.

Anyway, here is the overlay, instruction card, marquee (custom graphics are all in 300dpi as usual):


Wow this is masterpiece man. Thank You :wink:


Thanks @BlackTiger! I’m really happy with how this one came out too :slight_smile:

Really nice detailing work. A lot of subtlety. I hope you had fun putting it all together. Really amazing.


I picked up a better scanner the other day and am going to rescan some of the material I used previously.

Here are scans of the SF3 Third Strike instruction cards at 1200 dpi:

I cleaned them up a little bit but there is still some damage that I don’t know how to fix.


I’ve also updated the overlay for SF3 Third Strike with the better scans:


I wouldn’t worry about it. Looks pretty minor. Removing the wrinkles from the marquee looks to be a more glaring task.

Here is a Black Label version of the Deathsmiles overlay:

Marquee and instruction card:


I found some decent Scramble artwork after some digging today on the Zaccaria web site. Have a look in the variation split thread If you want.


You could have used my scramble here. Scramble Zaccaria

I like your blacklight effect, for my personal taste you could punch it a bit more or even give it a bit more glare.


That’s hillarious. You even added the starfield monitor surround. I sat there yesterday thinking I should… then… nah lol. Looks like I’ll be using your bezel now. Even looks like we both used the same marquee source. Looks like I was wrong about that. You have some damage I didn’t have to clean up on mine. I had a giant vertical reflection on the bottom. Cool lol. I did push the blacklight effect much more but dialed it back a bit since it was a bit much to stare at for long periods.

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I’ve been working on an overlay for Battle Bakraid and as part of that cleaning up and translating various materials for the game, as well as creating an additional instruction strip.

Thanks to @benlogan for his assistance in cleaning up this arcade flyer, which had a prominent seam in the middle, presumably due to folding:

I’ve also translated both original instruction cards from japanese to english. And have a blank variation as well, in case someone wants to translate to yet another language:

I’ve also created a custom instruction strip, which documents how to use the Konami cheat code to unlock an additional 5 ships in the game:

Actual overlay is still in progress.


Battle Bakraid 4K Vertical Overlay

The final product:


Updated Gunbird 2

I recreated the marquee using cleaner, higher resolution scans and also added the japanese instruction card at the bottom of the overlay. At some point I’ll try to either replace the japanese with english or create a custom english overlay, but that will take some serious time which I probably won’t have for a few weeks. But this is still an improvement over the last version:

New marquee:

Instruction card:

Also, I didn’t use it, but it’s there for anyone who wants it for their own project, a vertical character strip:


Thanks man. Yeah I can be a little obsessive sometimes lol. But, anything worth doing is worth doing well, right? :grin:


Thanks @dreamstate for introducing me to this very cool artwork for the Gemini Wing game. I’ve ordered a marquee and will scan and clean it up once it arrives, as well as create an overlay.

For now, I did a reasonably decent cleanup that looks good at screen resolutions. Thanks to Raspbear from the mame forums for his vector logo work. I used that to add missing sections of the bezel that were cut off the original scan. (I don’t know if this is accurate whatsoever, but looks better than the chopped version IMO):

Here is the full size (huge) png:

Gemini Wing Bezel - Full Size