Complex Multi-Pass Shaders (Royale etc.) on Nvidia Shield


Thanks again mate, much appreciated. Will give this a shot tomorrow.


Hi again mate, regarding side loading another version of Retroarch In assuming this creates a new config folder for that instance of RA? Don’t want to save over settings from the standard version. Cheers


Yes, they can have different settings.


So with the Slang Royale shaders if I change the geo pass to anything other than 0 i.e. make it look like a CRT tube, the picture disappears. Is there anyway around this?


No, unfortunately the curvature is the one thing that doesn’t work.


Curses! Anyway to use CRT-geom or something similar as the last pass without it looking too dark etc? Can’t seem to get it look right due to the gamma settings etc. of the CRT-geo pass.


You can try adding a pass of anti-aliasing/shaders/ewa-curvature.slang

If you try to just add curvature on top without moire compensation, it’ll look awful


Thanks mate! And one final issue (hopefully). Sideloaded the 64 version and works well. However I want to run Parallel in 320, not 640. It works and rests but regardless the image is the wrong size (too big). If I adjust this with the retroarch video size it doesn’t adjust correctly and the image only fills a quarter of the moveable area. Mupen seemed to run everything in 320x240 fine, but neither Mupen works in the 64bit version. Would it be an idea to download a 32bit nightly to get my N64 fix!? Or will this interfere with the standard Play store one/share directories?


Did you close and then reopen after changing the size to 320x240? It takes a full re-init of the core to get it right, IIRC (that is, you can’t just use the core’s “reset” function)


I believe so. Have stepped out for the evening, will check tomorrow :slight_smile:


Okay so another issue the 64 bit version refuses to display the Reicast core, meaning I can’t use the GL backend on that one fully. Should it display from the online updater? The play store one displays the core for download fine.


Any idea about the odd Reicast issue?


I believe Reicast is 32-bit only. Like I said before, use 32-bit with GL and 64-bit with Vulkan. I can’t think of any incompatibilities that arise from that setup.


Ah sorry, mis-read! Using 32 bit for Vulkan and 64 for GL! OOPS!


Hey again mate, still having issues with the standard version of retroarch and switching the parallel core to low res, the core crashes on restart. Is there a way to run two separate instances of the 64 bit version without them interfering with one another?


No, only one AFAIK (without compiling another copy with a different package name). On 32-bit, I use mupen64plus-libretro, since it’s the 32-bit dynarec that causes the crashes on ParaLLEl-N64, and on 64-bit I use either one, since the dynarec doesn’t apply.