CyberLab Mega Bezel Death To Pixels Shader Preset Pack and more!

People need to remember that shaders are different from person to person and monitor to monitor. Tweaking is always welcome to a person’s liking since everybody has different tastes.

@Cyber I added the pictured tutorial.

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That’s true, another thing some may not fully appreciate is that many of us do this in tiny slices of free time in our busy lives filled with responsibilities. It’s a miracle that more mistakes aren’t made when I release my presets!

When an overhaul is required or desired for whatever reason the final vision might take a few updates or a while to come to fruition as its improved and being worked on one tiny bit at a time.

For example, you use my 1080p presets, I have some updates that I’ve been working on for my 1080p Optimized Arcade - Sharp and Raw presets. Those might take a while for me to release and after that, I might want to see if I can also improve my Composite__Pure__1080p__PVM-EDITION__ADV preset as well.

So I’m beginning to appreciate @Duimon’s position even more now in that he seems to want users to use the parameters and learn to customize things to their liking.

Thanks for this! I’ll take a look when I get a chance! I’m sure you did an excellent job!


Yeah I do that because that is what I have specifically. No sense of using the other ones when my monitor can only go to 1080p.

That is one of the reasons I started the variations. I am trying to figure how much I can actually customize. Lately it has just been a whole chunk of Nintendo handhelds.

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@Cyber HyperspaceMadness had the right thinking dealing with upscaling and shader. I set the resolution to 1600x1200 and everything still loads up fine. I used MBZ__3__STD__DREZ-480p__GDV.slangp for the shader in the picture.

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@Cyber I’m getting a “Failed to apply shader” error (first time trying to use these shaders!). I’ve extracted the Mega_Bezel_Community director into ./shaders/, and then I try loading ./shaders/Mega_Bezel_Community/CyberLab/MBZ__1__Advance_Full_Reflections\1440p_Optimized_Presets/CyberLab__Composite-Sharp__1440p__PVM-Edition__ADV.slangp (I’m using Flycast core and Retroarch 1.10.0). I get the error every time! I’ve tried reinstalling Retroarch to make sure there’s nothing wrong with my install. Any ideas?

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I get it to load fine. The shader points to the 4K shader with #reference “…/…/…/…/…/shaders/shaders_slang/bezel/Mega_Bezel/Presets/Base_CRT_Presets/MBZ__1__ADV__GDV.slangp”. Make sure you have HSM Shader pack downloaded and in the shaders_slang folder as well.

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Can you post a log so we can see where it’s failing?

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Greetings @astromaddie,

What graphics card are you using, how much VRAM does it have and what internal resolution are you trying to run Flycast at? If not native resolution, have you tried running it at native resolution instead?

We await your logs to see exactly what is occurring but this is not uncommon for people trying to run Flycast at greater than native resolution with limited GPU resources. It can even affect native resolution as well due to the internal upscaling taking place within the shader pipeline.

There have been several posts talking about this type of error using this same core so I suggest you search or browse back a little and see what others have been advised to do. You can also check the HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader page for similar posts and possible solutions providing that the cause of your issue is the same of course.

Have you also installed the latest HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader from here?

This probably a path issue. It usually means either a preset or an image that is needed cannot be found.


That what I was thinking. I think the user didn’t download the HSM Reflection Shader that is why I suggested them to download it.

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I’ve seen that happen to users before. That usually means they didn’t read or understand the setup instructions properly. Let’s see what it is in this case.

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Perhaps you can move the instructions so they are before the large number of screenshots. New users may not be aware they need to scroll so far down the thread.

Or add a note before the shots, mentioning that the instructions follow and MUST be read.


Yeahhhhhhhh, I’d do a couple (no more than 4) screenshots, then the instructions, then more shader porn if so desired (in this context, it’d be desired/necessary, mainly because we’re talking multiple presets instead of an individual preset).

This is just my opinion tho man, everybody can just do whatever at the end of the day.


My instructions also follow a lot of shots, but I say to read the last section of the post for installation info. :grin:


Yeah you want to do only a select few images because if there are to many it gets really busy. Instructions to me are more important than the screenshots but they are really needed with Shader Preset as well. I would do Instructions and then screenshots. I did it that way with my topic.


We could go big brain and do all of the instructions in “screenshots”, then the whole post is pictures ROFL.

(No shade Cyber, personally it doesn’t matter to me how you structure your thread. I was just jumping on the discussion and adding my suggestion to the mix.


Look at this @duimon:

This is before a single screenshot and even before the download of my presets pack.

If you open my presets pack the first thing you’ll see is a folder and a readme.txt file. This file is supposed to be read. Even if a user didn’t scroll through the pictures to get to rest of the information in my first post, the readme file has all of that and more (without any pics) in the installation and usage section including links.

I am all for user friendliness but getting the most of my presets requires the user to at least read my recommendations. I kinda deliberately left things like that just to encourage users to read. I even had an Easter egg of one of my older and special presets for download as a reward for those who took the time to read. I only removed it when the release candidate broke compatibility with older presets.

If a user isn’t interested or inclined enough to read through a single post, (they don’t have to stop and look at the pics), then they might end up coming back with even worse problems and questions that might have been easily covered by the information that I’ve shared.

I’m not saying what you’all have suggested isn’t valid but there should be a point where users have to take a bit of responsibility and initiative. The readme files are very important and useful resources.


That is why it is important to make sure to read everything. Somebody might miss something and it won’t get installed properly.


I’m going to be 1000000000% honest, whenever I do anything remotely similar to this (computer things involving instructions), I’ll go through the main post and usually the whole thread.

But I almost never, and I mean never use the readme, unless I’m just stumped.


In my case, I provided installation instructions in both my first post as well as in the readme. As a matter of fact I was even snobbish enough to provide a second readme!

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