DAT for FinalBurn Alpha Core

Hi, I normally generate the DAT for FinalBurn Alpha using the original emulator https://www.fbalpha.com/ The latest version on the site is

But the core in Retroarch appears to be using

Does anyone know if there is a DAT for this set, or perhaps there are no differences in the ROMs supported by the previous version? :thinking:

1 Like DAT is here


The original FBA might just be dead, there was some shady licensing done, and the resulting drama lead to a new fork which RA alreay pulls updates from I believe.

Aha! Thank you very much :+1:

Ah, yeah, I remember reading about that with the launch of Capcom’s home arcade thing :grimacing:

It’s good to know the Retroarch team are continuing its development tho’ :grin:

just discovered it now supports Mortal Kombat :grinning:

Just a heads up, I noticed a new core available which I assume will supersede FB Alpha: FinalBurn Neo

Thanks :+1: this sounds interesting.

Perhaps it’s an updated FB Neo Geo specific core?

It’s simply the new name for the standard Final Burn now.

aha, thanks :grin:

I found the GitHub page here https://github.com/finalburnneo/FBNeo


Noob question,the DAT file you hyperlinked. How does that work? Do I copy the entire script and paste it in my roms folder or?

Hi @HACKSTAR DAT files work with clrmamepro https://mamedev.emulab.it/clrmamepro/ you can use the DAT to filter a specific set of ROMs, there’s a video here that may help https://youtu.be/0XzoBYvECoU?t=177