Dreamcast error in retroarch


Hello everyone who reads this topic im a new user to retroarch and i wanted to play on few emulators all the emulators work fine except the dreamcast everytime i want to load a game, any kind of game of dreamcast it gives me those two errors

one time this error:

“failed to load content”

and the other time that error:

“file could not be loaded from the playlist”

i dont know if that is a common problem with other users or if it is only with my laptop and also i saw that i probably need to create a log file, how do i create a log file in windows 10? any help is appreciated thank you




What core are you using?

What type of file (extension)?

I had my DC games in CHD v4 and they do not work with the newest Reicast core; so I had to convert them again but to CHD v5. Just in case you are in the same scenario.


Hello hunterk and Kondorito thank you so much for replying

my log is in this link:


i downloaded all the retroarch cores so i have both of the dreamcast cores and the file type is gdi and it contains bin files too in winrar folder folder


I don’t see anything related to the core in that log. Can you get one where you attempt to load the core and some content?


hunterk how do i get a log file while i load the core and the content? sorry for the question im just not sure if i understood your question


The log only contains information on the things you do while it’s logging. We can’t tell what’s going on with your core/game unless you try to use it while capturing a log.


hunterk okay now i understand your question and how do i capture a log file? do i need a special program to download? because when i open the game it just crashes so it doesnt even giving me time to see whats happening and as it crashes it brings me back to the retroarch menu


The same way you did it before. That is, if you used the Windows installer, you can run RetroArch (log to file) or if you’re using the portable installation, launch from a command line like this:

.\retroarch.exe --log-file .\retroarch-log.txt -v

Once it opens and you’re looking at the RetroArch menu, load the core and then load the content you’re trying to run (that is, make it crash or fail or whatever we’re trying to troubleshoot). Then, quit RetroArch and post the resulting log file to pastebin.com and then post a link here. It should contain more information about what’s going on.




is this the log file you mentioned?


Ok, multi-file images can’t load from archives. You’ll need to extract it and try again.



thank you so much for the help! the game now loads and work fine

but all my games now disappeared from the dreamcast list after i extraced them

is it a way that it will apear again even after it is extracred? or does it mean i need to load manually the game every time that i want to play it?



it appeard again on the list but as open it retroach crashes and windows says retroach has stopped working


Make sure you’re loading the cue file and not the bin if it’s a bin/cue image.



it keeps crashing in every game

it gives me only the option for dreamcast naomi reicast emulator when i want to see it in the dreamcast list

but if i want that the game will work i need to do it everytime manualy by loading the dreamcast redeam gpl

only then the game will run it i saw it on youtube that othe users are running the emulator just fine on the list and dont doing it manually

so is there something missing in my laptop or in the retroarch or do i need to change the setting so everything will work fine?


basically, we need you to keep generating logs until something works :slight_smile:


c9f5fdda06 how generating logs will help me?


Any time you say something isn’t working, posting an accompanying log will show us what’s actually going on behind the scenes.

In this case, you may be missing a BIOS image that Reicast requires or perhaps your playlists are pointing at the wrong files or something else entirely. We have no way of knowing without logs.


hunterk here is a log file from now:


i think i understood the problem

dreamcast naomi reicast cant run gdi files

but it can run bin files

and the games that apearing under the dreamcast icon on the list are running bin files on launch

and bin files causes it to crash

so the only emulator that can run gdi files is

dreamcast redream gpl wich doesnt apear on the dreamcast list

only on selecting core list manually everytime

so that means for running a game that will work

i need to do it everytime manually using loading core and selecting dreamcast redream gpl

because retroarch shows on the dreamcast list only games that will run via dreamcast naomi reicast

that will cause the game to crash

that is all the information that i understood now

i hope i explained it well


i will appreciate any type of help or even a solution or anything even a tip for how to fix this thank you everyone again