DS Overlay for mobile (1080x2220, integer-scaling: On)

Hi all,

I edited the retropad flat overlay for use with DeSmuME on android for my Samsung S8+, so that it would no longer overlay the buttons onto the touchscreen area, and also added a background image to fill in the black area below the bottom screen. While I made it for my own use, I’m sharing it in case anyone else needs a DS overlay for use on a mobile phone with a similar resolution. Hopefully this will be helpful to someone else. The screenshot below utilizes the turquoise background, but several other colors are available in the zip.


Download link: RetroArch Mobile NDS ToGo Overlay (for Android, Integer-scaling: On, 1080x2220 resolution.)


Updated to remove L2 R2 buttons and to change L1 and R1 to L and R, respectively. Use the link in the original post.