DS4 Touchpad Hotkeys?

I have my DS4 connected by bluetooth via DS4windows, and the only way I could get Retroarch to recognize it was as Xinput. I also have my ds4windows profile set to have keyboard keys assigned to the guide and touchpad left/right/top click buttons, and I want to assign those keyboard buttons to the regular hotkeys (fast forward, save/load state, etc). If I open notepad in this ds4windows profile, it correctly reads the “keyboard” presses, but once I’m in retroarch, it doesn’t.

Is there any kind of workaround for this to be able to assign and use keyboard keys on the touchpad? I SWEAR I had this all working once before I reinstalling retroarch and ds4windows on my new computer. Is there some controller driver input setup in retroarch/ds4windows that lets you use Dinput instead, which might get everything working?