Duimon - HSM Mega Bezel Graphics and Presets - Feedback and Updates

hello @Duimon , trying to follow instructions here for Vectrex https://forums.libretro.com/t/duimon-hsm-reflection-shader-graphics-feedback-and-updates/28146/590 Just to be sure, No preset to use with the GCE vectrex core ?

i trying to use gel layer for the transparent but without luck for the moment Is it the good line : “ColoredGelImage =” ? Tks in advance :sunglasses:


I should have the Vectrex Presets in the repo in just a few minutes. They were waiting for features and fixes that were introduced in the most recent shader release.

I am testing them now.

All the Atari stuff is ready so I just need to tweak the TV5 preset and maintenance should be complete.


still amazed by your fast answers and dedication :pray:


Yeah. I am a little obsessed, but I like it. :grin:

BTW. Are you using the GitHub method of installing and updating my graphics and presets?


yep, i using the GitHub method to update your work :wink:


! ! ! Pretty big update ! ! !

I added all the new Atari stuff. (800, XE, XEGS, and ST) along with the vintage monitors in both Standard and Advanced and PVMs in Advanced.

I created new Vectrex presets using the new shader Gel layer features. There are game overrides for both Standard and Advanced presets.

I fixed the Bezel corner issues in the TV5 Standard presets.

Thanks @HyperspaceMadness for all the recent hard work that made this possible. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Make sure to get the newest shader release from his thread.

HSM’s thread

I wanted to get this part up before I did the DOSBox monitor additions so look for that and a Vectrex Readme very soon. :grin:

BTW. I updated the naming conventions in the PC-8801 and 9801 monitor presets so if you are referencing them you will have to edit your presets.

This was a pretty big update so I may have screwed something up. As always let me know and I will fix it ASAP.


DOSBox presets are updated with the vintage monitor for the Standard.

While I was in there I noticed a few issues concerning the LED layer.

When I made the new leap to presets, the shader was lacking some recent features. As a result my DOSBox graphics and presets were outdated and a tiny bit broken. There are all better now.

I also wrote a short Readme for the Vectrex Presets.


:exploding_head: :partying_face:


with the new update, i’m a bit old but like a kid with a new toy :sunglasses: tks a lot @Duimon and @HyperspaceMadness
hope @TheNamec will be back soon for my favorite one :wink:


Such a massive update, thanks a lot! :star_struck: My favourite is no doubt is the Atari 800. Since the system has more point of interest in visual aspect, it really makes it pleasure to look at it :heart_eyes: The problem is I’m quite confused with differentiating roms for 800, XE, XEGS systems :upside_down_face:


When it comes to cartridge games there is no difference, they all shared the same cartridge.

The difference would be when it comes to software.

The xex format would imply the EX. I will do some research and see whet I can find out. It could be that some later games required more RAM.


Ah that makes sense. So far I found xex, cas, bas and bin file formats in my Atari 800 collection along with atr which might stands for Atari 800 format.


From Atariage…

  • Disk Images: Common(ATR/ATX), Less Common(ATR.GZ/DCM/XFD/XFD.GZ/SCP/PRO)

  • Tape Images: Common(CAS), Less Common(HEX/WAV/OGG/FLAC)

  • Cart Images: Common(BIN/CAR), Less Common(ROM) (Also ROM is used for dumps of Firmware as well as Cart Images)

  • Binary executables: Common(XEX), Less Common (EXE/COM/OBJ

Apparently BAS are compiled BASIC programs.


I decided to spend some quality time with my PDP1 Spacewar! graphic.

I added the game controller. :grin:

When I was doing the R&D for this graphic, back in 2017, this was the most elegant of the many hand-crafted controllers I found.

Is it my imagination or did these hackers invent the computer mouse?

Some change in the shader has things looking a bit funky color-wise. I will have to dig in and re-tweak it.


Well, I’m happy, I love XE, I’ve just come from playing a few games and reliving good times, thank you Duimon forever :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :pray:

Some captures of the games that I had as a child with the XE, there are only three but I have a lot of affection for them and today I continue playing.

Final legacy, of strategy, the first war game I played in my life.

One on One Dr. J VS Larry bird from Electronic Arts, this one is mythical, I played two with my brother, I loved breaking the board.

Ballblazer from Lucasfilm Games, when I was little I didn’t know how to play this mix of Pong and soccer game, now I can and it’s very fun and addictive.

Tomorrow I will finally bring news regarding the Arcade, lately I have not had time to work on graphics, but tomorrow I will bring the next 6 and there will only be the last ones :+1: :+1: :+1:


That is really what this is all about, and why we are all here.

I am glad you’ve been able to relive some good memories. :grin:


Here’s a WIP on the Texas Instruments color monitor.

There was no chance I was going to be able to re-create the bezel like the original, and if I did somehow manage it, no place for a reflection. So I didn’t try. :grin: I just made it look good with the shader.

There is still a lot of work to be done but it looks good with the background.


More beautiful than real life!! :heart_eyes:

I really like this 80’s design. I would be satisfied with just the monitor, but this is very beautiful!


Well finally I bring you news of the arcade project, Bally Midway, Mitchell, Nichibutsu, Stern Electronics, PGM and TAD Corporation are ready.

It took me a long time but I don’t have a lot of time lately.

The TAD corporation only has a horizontal version as there are no vertical games.

Stern Electronics maybe I will change it, I am not at all convinced, or maybe I will make one more version.

I leave captures as always :+1:

The next batch is the last one, Kaneko, Tecmo, Tehkan, Universal, UPL and one that is added at the last minute, Williams.

Then it will only remain to organize, rename, test and launch it :smile: :+1:


@akuma22 beautiful work!