Even more Overlays for Mega Bezel shader by p3st (Arcade,TV´s ,DOS)

So i made some overlays the Arcade ones are based on Orionsangel´s overlays they are all for HSM´s Mega Bezel Shader

i will add more in the future ^^

this pack includes over 132 arcade overlays , a GB kiosk unit , and TV variations .


then just extract the pack to “Mega_Bezel_Packs” https://www.mediafire.com/file/82m74wipme37yth/P3sT.7z/file

New things besides more arcade overlays are,

a hopefully …a bit better to navigate file structure^^

Changed vector presets (for very nice and crisp lines use FBneo and enabale high res under DIP switch settings)

I added my glas effect and other settings from my TV overlays to the arcade presets.

a new TV Widescreen version, for games with native widescreen / patches

and a Custom F-Zero AX overlay

NOTE: Don´t even try mame to run F-Zero AX use F-Zero GX, the whole arcade game is on the disc ,use this to patch your iso.

i have nothing to do with this patch , and i hope the link here is fine ^^

Credits for the Original Overlay i used as a base for the arcade backgroud goes to Orionsangel and to HyperspaceMadness for the amazing shader.

some new stuff

a video frome the vs. machine

and other some screenshots

TV overlays

have fun ^^


some upcoming stuff


Great stuff!

How do I use these please?

I’ve placed them in the overlays folder in RetroArch and yet there is nothing showing up when I boot up RetroArch and go into overlays.

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load them with the mega bezel shader

basicly you could save a mega bezel preset you want to use under a name in retroarch and edit the slangp file ^^

you have to search for “BackgroundImage” or “BackgroundVertImage” for games with vertical screens and than edit the file path

like this BackgroundImage = “Mega_Bezel_Packs/P3sT/overlays/overlay.png”

this is the folder structure i will use in the future cuz i will also include presets for all in the next update i think like i said at this point there are just the png files ^^

I updatet the overlays ^^ now they also have all presets so they are way easyier to use new screenshots , a list of all the overlays and the Link are in the first post

also i added this Game Boy Kiosk unit

this for the VBA-M core (mgba might work also) cuz otherwise the overlay dosn´t fit correctly ^^


reuploaded cuz i had to fix 3 small errors now its fine :slightly_smiling_face:

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just for fun the video armageddon screen it cuts to much of screen sadly :sweat_smile:

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more nintendo stuff incoming



Sensacional :clap: Poderia fazer uns tipo, Capcom, Konami, Midway… Tipo por desenvolvedoras. Excelente :+1:

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any update on your work?

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not yet but soon ^^ i guess , was busy with other stuff and a playthrough recording thats now on YT

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Hey this one is just a tiny update for a reason. ^^ Each overlays have 2 presets one with slighty noise and humbar settings one without . Let me now how you feel about the humbar settings. I am thinking to do other overlays besides arcade too in the future. Mostly special stuff like the Sharp SF-1 more display units and such, and maybe using this hum settings for them cuz i like it ^^.

anyways https://www.mediafire.com/file/g35vvzrvn05tm7l/Mini_Update.zip/file just copy the “P3sT” inside the “Mega_Bezel_Packs”


The settings are fine. I made a few changes based on personal preference.

barspeed = "100.000000"
barintensity = "0.050000"
addnoised = "0.400000"
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the barspeed is such a thing i like it more when its scrolling a fast , if i set it to slow it reminds me more on , not finetuned channel settings or like you filmed the picture through a non optimized cam :grimacing:

also i remind them different for each crt i had :upside_down_face:

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at the moment i am playing around/testing these Custom TV´s i made out an JC penneys TV with glass layer etc.

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so i added them in the first post as an extra download ^^ i really like the endresult after some editing

both versions have an extra 240p preset for movies,shows etc.

i was trying with your settings and the intensity and noise settings i really like and think i go with that now . also i redone the top glass and changes some settings now i think i have a god balance betwenn the glass and the tube glass layer without being in the way


That glass is just outstanding! :star_struck: