Feature Request - Option to remove memory card 1 or 2 in the Mednafen PSX core


So far only one game requires it to my knowledge , Codenamed Tenka but I believe there may be more.

Would it be hard to implement that feature in the Mednafen PSX core options?



2019 this feature still does not exist. I am using LAKKA for raspberry pi and option to “enable” secondary card ON or OFF makes no difference. Still cannot play TENKA


After setting that option to OFF, close content and then re-load it. It seems to require a core re-init to take effect.

EDIT: if you’re on RPi, you’re going to be using PCSX-ReARMed, not Beetle-PSX. According to the core’s docs page, it should have the same option, though: “The PCSX ReARMed core defaults to only support the first memory card slot. Second memory card slot can be enabled via the pcsx_rearmed_memcard2 option.”

Cant play TENKA with LAKKA

Second card slot is disabled by default. I dont understand your instructions. I am using rearmed so i have no clue how to fix it.

Besides i why there are so many scan lines on the screen even when not running the game ? Like flipping thru menus makes visible in some fast moving areas.

Do i need to change the core for the PSX ? It only shows me 1 i can pick.