Gamecube (dolphin) games freeze after a short while

Hi, today I tried the latest dolphin core with the default settings. All games I’ve tried freeze after about 30 seconds in-game, with or without the Sys folder in the right place. Tried disabling lots of settings and combinations, but always a freeze.

Anyone knows what could be the cause?

Is it possible your CPU is overheating? I don’t know of anything that would cause it to just randomly crap out after some amount of time other than that.

Thx for you reply. Checked with lm-sensors (command: watch sensors) and the temp. does raise from 40 degrees to about 47 degrees, however hyst = 90 and crit = 120 so I think that’s not the cause.

Edit: this seems quite similar:

Yeah, if you can try Vulkan, that’d be good. I have much better luck with it than OpenGL in Dolphin.