[Guide] Play Neo Geo CD games using FBAlpha


I remember it was Nebula that had an option to totally bypass all NEO GEO CD loadings, and the NEOCDZ emulator for PSP also had that. Would be nice to have this feature.


Considering current loading time, it might be too much work for an overkill feature.


What do you mean “current loading time”, does FBA shorten NGCD games loadings?


Yeah, for the few games i tried it was below 2 seconds.


I usually play in MAME and I think that one loads in real time (1x or 2x at ‘most’ on NGCD) FBA was as fast if not faster than using MAME and holding down fast forward.


I didn’t know FBA shortened NGCD loadings, that’s nice! SkyHigh, yeah MAME simulates the real never ending NGCD loadings!