Higan v105 Super Game Boy BIOS tutorial



No luck with that unfortunately hunterk.


I updated assets too, and now it’s working. Thanks!


Just wanted to mention too - I’m on windows 10, and had minor graphic glitches for Donkey Kong (flashing sprites).

Edit: Actually, in every game I’ve tried so far.

Yeah so basically what’s happening (at least on my end) is some text on screen will flash and appear in the wrong part of the screen for a split second. All of the games I’ve tried are playable, but all of them have some minor graphical and sound glitches. I don’t believe some of these glitches are present on the BSNES core, but I will test.

Compatibility seems to be higher with the higan core for sure.


Figured out the problem on my end - enabling a core override to disable rewind seems to have eliminated the graphical glitches.

Still minor audio pops from time to time (this may happen on real hardware too though, not sure).


Hello! Posting to report a current issue with Super Game Boy supoort of Pokemon Yellow version in the US. All US dumps of the game will not load SGB data but Japanese dumps do. Here is some screenshots of another person on reddit attempting to use the same two images recieving the same problem https://imgur.com/a/C5A70


Hey, thanks for the report. Have you guys tried it in standalone Higan to see if it works there?


I’ve noticed this issue in bsnes as well; I haven’t tested the Japanese ROM of Yellow, but I’ve noticed the lack of special palettes and borders in the English-language ROM. Knowing this, it’s apparent that the problem with Yellow might be something that goes beyond just a compatibility issue with Higan.


Hey and thanks for the guide!

Mandatory to get it working tho… (at least for me)

    video_hard_sync = "false"
    rewind_enable = "false"
    video_shader_enable = "false"


I’ve been trying to get this to work but I just get the Super Game Boy border on the screen and the game audio. No game video appears. I’m using the Higan core in Retroarch.


just a question is there a chance the new version of BSNES will ever be included in the retro Arch? https://byuu.org/emulation/bsnes/ its