How did you get your username?


Luiz Felipe Alves Nogueira.

My full name.



I had a nick name of hatman as a teenager for wearing a beenie hat.

Hatman and thatman were taken on the 1st sites I joined so just stick your birth year down and boooyaaa!


I used to go to this church when I was younger (different from the one I go to now.) There was this woman who always sat in front of us, her name for me was “Little Buddy Man”. Which overtime got shortened to “lilbud”


I love the Discworld novels, by Terry Pratchett. Rincewind is one of my favourite characters.


@SkyHighGam3r : Yeah, I totally understand what you feel… :smile:

I always liked to play on words, and my username came to my mind one night, at about 14 years old (20 years ago today), and I found it funny…

Maybe 1 year later I used it online to create a fake e-mail address, and I since used it on pirate sites, and pretty much everything — except for Facebook, which blocked my fake account…

I later found that I’m not the only one using that username online ! And someone later @ me on Tweeter trying to @ his girlfriend — which had only WeedyWeedSmoker as her subtitle — but she eventually changed it and I eventually hid the @ from my timeline, but still found it funny…

Oh, and she was french too ! (Hi from France !)