How manually create game thumbnail boxart files folder?

I has files using TOSEC naming and thus boxart image automatic download not work. Both files rom and boxart file use same naming. How create the correct folder to boxart files ? Need create config or other file in Retroarch system config ? example how create a folder for boxart of a playlist naming “1 Atari VCS” and “2 NES” ?

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I think the easiest thing to do is use something like clrmamepro to rename your TOSEC set to match the databases we use.

If you want to keep your set and have already the boxarts images named as the roms you can create a folder:

%your retroarch main folder%\thumbnails\1 Atari VCS\Named_Boxarts\

and place your boxarts there.

@hunterk Several roms not are same checksum used in no-intro.

@Hari-82 Thanks very much. Now is being displayed.

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I linked a thumbnail boxart tutorial in the his guide post

You can grab some images from Launchbox for your video game boxart. I get around not having the app or membership by viewing the page source and downloading their boxart thumbnails from there

Launchbox -

For naming your Boxarts there are some characters you cant use and need to be replaced with a underscore _

" * The following characters in playlist titles must be replaced with _ in the corresponding thumbnail filename:



Launchbox example