How to play clones of merged MAME ROMs?

Well, too bad. So basically "rompath " in the ini is useless for RA. Is there anything else too that’s useless in the ini?


There is a chance that you need to enable “boot from cli” to use the ini. I had some luck using the rom path during my FM-Towns R&D.


Zach, Do you think this can be done with the current version, with all the Roms and with the official mame xml or maybe the one from my ROMSet (pleasure…)?

I would like to do it also with FBNeo, to have everything complete.

(I intend to make all the miniatures.)

O.T.: The one in the avatar, is Zack, with K, from Zackary. He was a “fan” of that series. The Zach with H, I’m learning he’s a youtuber.

I updated the gist here, and created zips of dummy clone files for MAME .242 and FBNeo


I got it. Thank you!