HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader! - Feedback and Updates

Hmm, the overlay system and the shader system are quite separate. If the sinden places a border using an overlay then I would expect it to go on top of the Mega Bezel and appear at the edges of your monitor…

It’s not so much that the Sinden places the border, more that it uses A border (it comes supplied with white borders for lots of emulators I think). If, for example, this shader created the white border, the gun would use it. But like you said, I guess this shader could be used in conjunction with its overlay or maybe just added as part of the HSM backgroundimage… Thanks!

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Here are two of the RA overlays from the Sinden software. (I filled the transparency with black.)

It seems it just needs some consistent contrasts between the game screen and the rest of the screen.

@HyperspaceMadness has suggested adding a brightness control to the screen black edge in the shader. (For other reasons.) If he does, you turned it all the way up to white, and ran the shader in night mode, it may work better than the included Sinden overlays.

BTW, the screen black edge (Or white edge in this use case.) is not included in the reflection, so it would stay well defined.

I have some concerns about what would happen during really bright scenes in the game but the video appears to show the player moving off the screen repeatedly, to maintain calibration.

Personally, I would just get a light gun that used sensor bars, if I were looking for one. :grin:


HSM Mega Bezel in action with my Sony XBR400


Man I love the animation for that tank


I was playing around with retroarch on an Xbox Series X and I can’t get Mega Bezel to run in any of the video modes. (D3D11, D3D12, GL.) Does Mega Bezel not like those video drivers?


Yeah, I think GL only loads glsl shaders, and D3D seems to have some problems with the Mega Bezel. I may look into it at some point…


Is it time fire a new GIF for your avatar? :wink:


If you ever make changes and I want someone to test it, I’ll be happy to do so. Not that it’s much different from a PC (except series S/X do original and 360 emulation), but it’s charming to have a small box that can play games from the earliest days of the arcade to the latest releases with RTX and and all that.

And yet I use it to play the dumbest GamePass games like ManEater…


Sure thing, thanks for the offer :slight_smile:

If you get back to updating your guest-venom presets (Svideo, Component etc) let me know, I’d love to include some of them with the Mega Bezel package!



Mega Bezel is updated to V 0.9.022 2021-09-05


  • Added Background image spliting feature
    • Good for widescreen wider than 16:9, also works on less screens less wide than 16:9
    • This splits the background into two pieces and shifts them to the edges of the viewport
  • Change Bezel Scaling to be based on screen height and width so it scales directly with the screen
  • Change Grade to D65 - 6500
  • Updated to Guest crt-guest-advanced-2021-08-25-release2
    • Includes Monochrome Control and Hue offset
  • Added Basic-Reflect LCD
  • Added POTATO preset for low spec systems,
    • POTATO-GDV version runs at 75% speed of GDV without any Mega Bezel
    • Provides easy way to distribute an overlay which handles screen scaling
    • This removes reflections and most screen effects to have
    • Can still do the backdrop effect (E.G. Discs of Tron)
    • The difference between the POTATO and BASIC is that basic has the following things the POTATO doesn’t
      • Stuff in BASIC but not in POTATO
        • Colored Gel
        • Tube Highlight
        • Fake Scanlines
        • Night Lighting
        • A/B Compare
  • Moved ScaleFX to the primary parameters so they are right beside the core sampling parameters
    • ScaleFX is off by default, this will avoid unexpected effects when changing core sampling
  • Colorize feature added to BG, Device and Decal Layers
  • Added SharpPixels preset in Variations
  • Added Night Lighting Switch for Cab Glass
  • Added Curvature option for fake scanlines (Can cause Moire artifacts, use with caution :wink: )
  • Added fake scanlines mode parameter to help control when fake scanlines turn on

Basic Reflect LCD preset

Sharp Pixels Preset

New Potato Preset! Like Basic with fewer screen features, and much faster. Good replacement for a basic overlay



Congrats on another successful release! :grin::+1:


Excellent mate! This really is a great release with lots of new features to play with, a great step on multiple direction with monochrome eye candy, performance and accesibility with adaptive 'split’design.

I’d like to share some loving monochrome to celebrate our funny collaborative quest with @HyperspaceMadness and @guest.r, and support from @Duimon and @hunterk. What a nice community we have!

I’ll made this the minimum requirement for incoming Release Candidate 2 of Mega Bezel Commodore Pack, bumping minimum RetroArch version to 1.9.8.



We just reached 4k downloads of the Mega Bezel Shader Package!

Thanks to all the artists contributing and shader writers to make this something fun!


Good work. I tried it with the shaders I posted above and I noticed a couple things. The tube reflection was a bit distracting and a bit too much so I switched it off. When the screen fades to black it doesn’t really look that realistic (like sunlight reflecting off the top corners of the tube) to me. After switching it off I noticed that the vignette is much more pronounced especially on a white background than in the previous version. Overall some of the new effects look more prominent than before which is a step backwards from the previous release where nothing about the bezel, vignette and reflections stood out enough to distract from the game. There seemed to be a difference in the center reflections on the top and side of the bezel that seemed better in the previous release. I took some screenshots and I’m going to study them and do some further testing but is there an easy way for me to keep the guest updates and use the previous version of the bezel?

You can click on the images or view the gallery below to see some additional comments and observations.

HSM_Bezel_Reflection_V0.9.21_2021-07-05 vs V 0.9.022_2021-09-05








Looking at these two shots I see absolutely no difference in the old and new. :thinking:

I will say that the shader is almost infinitely customizable. There are 30+ parameters for the bezel reflection alone.)

Given your obvious skill, I am sure you can make some adjustments that you will be happy with. :wink:

The static reflection image is actually more of an arcade type reflection, one of a player silhouette. If you would like to try something a bit more “TV-ish” I have added four reflection images to the _Backgrounds folder in my Duimon-Mega-Bezel repo. :grin:



So you are starting with the newpixie clone preset right? The static tube reflection may be on in that one, but I can turn it off since people not liking the tube reflection keeps coming up. You are right that the static tube reflection is not super realistic, in my testing I found something pretty soft like this was the least obtrusive but still give the feeling that it was glass tube. You can totally add your own texture for the tube, @Duimon has done this with one of his TV presets.

This may be some change in the newpixie clone preset, do you see the same thing in the base preset? (in the root of the presets folder.

I would recommend staying up to date with the package and pointing out issues with explicit examples which you have and is much appreciated. Usually we can come to a solution which fits the user’s needs. If you stay with up to date we can address these things and fix bugs. And of course you get new features.

This is probably due to the vignette/brightness difference you were showing


Yes, I am. The soft one with the rolling scanlines that I found in the variations folder. Remember I’m a Mega Bezel and Guest Shader noob so please excuse me. I didn’t have to turn off the static tube reflection in my variation so it would’ve been off in the older version.

It could be. I haven’t checked. I can check it when I get a chance.

No problem. I used to be a perennial tinkerer but these days I prefer to play and enjoy my time once I have things setup the way I like. I’ll just keep and rename 2 folders when I switch from play mode to test mode. In terms of coming up with solutions and addressing things, I’m all for that. I’m just afraid of breaking things after I get them right. One thing I had a slight issue with is the colour in my Composite Sharp preset. I found the yellow rings in Sonic The Hedgehog to have a greenish tinge to them. It went away when I increased the hue but then in another game on another console I found the same hue adjustment caused the red to start looking violetish and magentaish. So I had to settle for a lower hue setting. I’m looking for a one size fits all for home console games and a one size fits all for arcade games so I’d rather set it in the middle than have many different settings for each system.

Okay. Are you sure it’s not due to changes in the corner reflections or something similar? I remember seeing a previous post where someone suggested to you that you change the size of the corner reflections and you seemed to be fine with making the adjustments.


Just tested it and it’s not really noticeable in the newpixie clone base preset but it’s there in the 2 variations. None of the other presets I randomly tested so far have exhibited this “bloom” and rough transition in the center. The “greenness” I had a problem with is not present in the newpixie variations at least not in the previous Mega Bezel release. Also in the new Mega Bezel, both the existing variations as well as my variation seem extremely dark.

On another note, none of the presets with the word “Guest” in them are loading. The same is true for the previous version except for the one with DrVenom Glass. Could be a bug.

Update: I’ve found the cause of the “greenness”. It was cranking the Signal Resolution Q all the way up to 261 that did it. I increased that to eliminate the red bleeding way too much into the yellow in the power bars in Street Fighter II. I’ll have to take a look at rebalancing it but increasing the hue has helped to tame the “greenness” a bit.

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Thanks for the detailed report! :smiley:

I’ll check this out to make sure it’s consistent, and avoid the over exposed situation you are seeing. The newpixie clone’s contrast is a bit wacky I think because I was trying to match newpixie’s color adjustment with contrast and brightness.

I think maybe you are talking about Guest-SM, which haven’t worked for a while and that I will be removing next release.

Is this the default, or something you adjusted?

This is true I did make some fixes here, but I think that was in the previous release rather than this release. This release was especially focused on fixing some base coding wiring in how the scaling was being inherited between image layers as well as adjusting a couple layer image names and layer order.

Cool, basically over time things will become less likely to change.