HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader! - Feedback and Updates

Yeah it looks almost like what happens when you do blur in gamma space instead of linear space, the black areas get blacker…

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Type 2 is tricky, type 1 is probably the most “well-balanced.” With type 2 I recommend cranking up the scanline saturation to 1.00 and increase both bright boosts. Scanline center/edge 10.00/12.00 if you want 1px minimum scanline width. Gamma doesn’t really need to be adjusted as long as you’re playing something developed in Japan or the US. Gamma can get a bit weird with the PAL standard, though.

The CRT brightness setting is pretty cool, I haven’t had much time to play with it but it looks promising. This is with mask strength at 90%:


Thank you very much for this @Nesguy I’ll probably give these settings a try at some point in the near future. I was playing around with the CRT Brightness setting and setting scanlines saturation to 1.00 helped bring back some of the washed out colour (due to the higher brightness) but I found that even though things like the whites were super lightened at higher settings, It still didn’t solve the particular issue I was looking to resolve - which was to get the P on the pack of fries in Bonk’s Revenge back to that nice light green shade that could be seen even from close distances to the screen. Then with all of these scanline settings and brightness adjustments I was fiddling around with, all sorts of other scanline artifacts were being introduced like unevenly darkened/lightned scanlines. That could also have something to do with the TV I’m using now though.


@HyperspaceMadness How do I adjust the width of the bezel itself (not the thickness of the frame) so I can see the bezel again?

Also, how do I keep the bezel from re-sizing itself every time the game changes resolutions?


Do you mean if you have integer scale on and are filling the viewport?

So I think you mean the aspect ratio where it’s not 4:3 anymore? If so then change the aspect ratio orientation mode to horizontal instead of auto. And change the aspect to 4:3

Also if you can turn on the debug info and let me know what the core resolution is, I might be able to catch it in the future…



That answered my questions, thanks :slight_smile:

Is there a GDV-NTSC bezel preset somewhere?


I believe it’s coming soon!


So today marks another significant milestone in the brief history of my CyberLAb Mega Bezel Death To Pixels Shader Preset Pack! It’s only been 16 days since creating this thread but already we have had over 2,200 view as well as several hundred downloads! I’m glad to know that other users are able to share in the kind of experience that I am having and that they are also sharing this experience with others!

So this calls for some sort of celebration. In commemoration of this achievement I’m posting this excellent installation guide created by jtay9562 who came across my Shader Preset Pack over on reddit! He took his time and was meticulous in his presentation and this should go a long way in making these resources, tools and works of art even more accessible to new users. With much thanks to jtay9562 and all who have worked and contributed to create these shaders and presets, I present:

Mega Bezel Install Guide - Death To Pixels Shader Preset Pack in RetroArch



Hey, why does the CRT brightness setting max out at 500.00? Does it start to suck after that? Also, what file do we need to edit to change the parameter range? Thanks!


Too high and it will definitely start to clip. But I can increase the range on the next release.

To change the max manually you would need to edit the parameter definition in hsm-params-0-screen-scale.inc file


Hello @HyperspaceMadness and thanks for the awesome work,

Just wanted to mention that after updating to the latest commit of the shaders from your GitHub account, the MBZ__1__ADV shader is now doing this for me :

No such issue when using MBZ__1__GLASS :

Thanks again!


I bisected the Git commits and it seems like the first commit that breaks the shader is 5bb7dcbcc7d3f41849ecfe70b3a33a90a45b1b46 - things work fine before this one. I’m on Linux btw, using the latest RetroArch.


Ok thanks for letting me know, I’m not sure why it would be doing that, I think the zip package matches the github, but I’ll have to check.

If you want to try the zip package it hasn’t caused any problems in a while.

If you check my Github page, my latest development is now in a repo named Mega_Bezel. This has a number of changes relative to the last release, for instance the caching and other additional features which are coming in the next public release.


@HyperspaceMadness Do you think some kind of dynamic gamma adjustment is possible with a shader? For example, 2.4/2.4 when the screen is dark and 3.4/2.4 when the screen is bright, something like that. I’ve been playing around with the post-CRT brightness a lot and it’s still really hard to do 100% mask strength and still keep the image adequately bright with darker content. If you crank up the gamma to compensate, the same settings become too washed out/clipped with brighter content.


I’m wondering if some kind of reshade-like fake hdr addition might work.


Yeah I think this is possible, We’d need to get some sort of gradual application (Fading to the new gamma through time) so that we don’t have a big change all at once, a bit like eye adaptation brightness filters in some modern games.


Probably would also need some threshold settings, or it’s going to false positive like a mofo as well or just not trigger when wanted.

A fade-like transition with the gamma would be ideal, but timing is key like you said. Too fast and it’s jarring, too slow and it’s possibly pointless.


The basis for this effect is already implemented with the average luminance pass, otherwise used for the raster bloom effect, along with gradual ‘progression’. So experimenting with dynamic gamma should not be this hard…



Mega Bezel News…

Hi all, we’re getting closer to a V1 release, so I wanted to give you an update on the release plan!

So the plan is a few steps:

1 Internal (Currently in progress)

  • Internal version with no new features being added
  • Testing, Bug fixes and Preset updating :sweat_smile:

2 Public

  • Public release of a release candidate
  • Public update of Artist Preset Packages/Repos
  • Bug fixes from community :sweat_smile:

3 Release 1.0!

  • Add to the Retroarch Main Shader Repo
  • Publically Declare a 1.0 release :face_with_monocle:
  • Party! :partying_face:

4 Media!

  • Do some posts to try to get the word out
  • Probably a Libretro Blog Post
  • Party some more! :partying_face:

Exciting stuff, HSM! Finally get to see your work in the official shaders branch :slight_smile:

Probably too late to add for this, but do you think a preset will someday be added that allows DS and 3DS screens to be rotated by 90 and 270 degrees? It would be great to toggle to a shader that shows Hotel Dusk : Room 215 and such games rendered that way.