HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader! - Feedback and Updates

The problem with the load times might just simply be with DirectX. I only say that because the GLCore and Vulcan both load fine.


@HyperspaceMadness can you specify if the problem with the Playstation Cores will be in the next update. I know it has been only a day since the last one. I am the type of person that likes being certain of things so I don’t have to wonder all the time.


What PlayStation core issue do you mean, the Tekken 3 and driver aspect ratio thing?


Yeah that was what I was talking about.


I’ll see what I can do…

The one which matches the peculiar resolution (like Driver) I can catch, but the Tekken one I can’t really catch because of the resolution doesn’t match the standard published resolution for that game. Also anytime someone uses increased internal resolution it won’t catch it either.

I may be able to change the logic and only make the aspect vertical when we find a predefined list of vertical arcade resolutions, to do this I would need to compile this list to check against.


The easiest thing than would probably just set the Aspect Ratio to 4:3 under the Options tab. It seems the shader option might be pretty technical.

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Just checked all the cores with the aspect ratio and only DuckStation has that choice. If you can’t get things set completely [Aspect-Ratio] Orientation: Horizontal would be right as a shader parameter. It would definitely help if it can be set to that with only Playstation cores.

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Yeah, the shader system is decoupled, and has no idea what core is in use which is usually a good thing, it only gets info about the resolution.

If any preset is meant to be only used for PlayStation then you would definitely want to set it to use the horizontal aspect and set the aspect to 4:3


After you set the Aspect Ratio or whatever settings you would like to customize per core or per game, you can then Save a Core Preset or a Game Preset from the Shaders…Save menu.


I set everything to Content Directory. With my statement above I was thinking of a way were the parameter is only set to Horizontal for Playstation content without individual editing.


The shader system has no knowledge of which core is running. Content directory presets are the Dev’s solution to handling it. Thank them for that, it is a relatively recent addition. :grin:

There is really no good reason most of my CRT presets don’t use the horizontal parameter. I will consider adding it to them.


Definitely was a good idea. I guess the only way to fix it without much trouble is to just edit the parameter individually.

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When you save a Shader Preset as a Core Preset, every time that core loads it will load those Shader Preset Parameters you saved automatically.

Am I missing something here because to me that would solve any issue where you would like to have unique shader preset settings for a particular core. It’s something that you would only have to change once and save. Are we on the same page here?

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I get what you are saying. I was thinking of a plug and play option for those who don’t want to change the parameter themselves. In other words laymen who wouldn’t know what to do.

Edit: I do Content Directory so I can test and change Cores without having to change the shader every time.

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The issue with this, just because we might intend the preset to be used with a certain core, nothing prevents the user from making an independent decision to use it with another.

For my part, I will add the parameter to my presets, but @HyperspaceMadness will need to leave it neutral in his. (That is what the special code for catching weird aspects is for.)


That is the biggest problem about it. I thought of that and it does pose the biggest problem if somebody wants to use the NES Shader, or any other one, with a Playstation core.

Hey @BlockABoots, thanks for your interest in my new CRT-gaming monitors pack!

Atm I am deep at work implementing new features for maximum compatibility with Mega Bezel 1.0!

CRT-gaming monitors will be based on respective dot-mask, slot-mask and aperture grille technologies, so I built respective variations thanks to the shader flexibility. Expect announcements soon.



Mega Bezel is updated to V 0.9.095 2022-01-01 Rev 1

Another year, Another Mega Bezel Update! :grin:


  • Updated to use Guest’s latest NTSC-Adaptive, less Blurry more correct results now
  • Added Guest’s Humbar back to guest advanced
  • Sharpen On/Off removed so sharpen parameters would be automatically applied when copying from a community posted preset
  • Added Sonkun’s 32Bit and Arcade Presets to Experimental
  • Updated Cyberlab presets
  • Simple fixup to BendBombBoom Slotmask presets for slot width


Shader Package Approx. 15 MB

Extra Examples Package


  • You MUST use Retroarch Version 1.9.8 or Later (It will fail to load on earlier versions)
    • If you have previous versions of the Mega Bezel installed:
      • Delete the old Mega Bezel stuff from shaders/shaders_slang/bezel
    • Inside the .zip is a bezel folder, copy the bezel folder into your Retroarch/shaders/shaders_slang folder
      • The final path to the Mega bezel should be Retroarch/shaders/shaders_slang/bezel/Mega_Bezel
    • Set video driver to Vulcan
      • It will run in GLCore but seems faster in Vulcan
    • Some users have run it successfully in D3D11 but with a slow load time
    • Set Video / Scaling / Aspect Ratio to Full
      • This will match your monitor aspect aspect ratio
    • Set Video / Scaling / Integer Scale to OFF
    • Set Video / Output / Rotation to Normal
    • Set Settings / Core / Allow Rotation to OFFImportant for FB Neo
    • Load a preset in the shaders menu, Mega Bezel shader presets are found in:
      • shaders/shaders_slang/bezel/Mega_Bezel/Presets
    • When you save a preset make sure you have the Simple Presets feature set to ON
      • This will save a preset with a reference to the preset you loaded plus whatever parameter changes you made
      • This will keep your presets loading properly when the shader updates in the future

STD Preset


BendBombBoom__Slotmask__STD-NTSC.slangp ( The Gamma on the scanlines might still be a bit off, this one definitely looks smoother at 4k)




Hopefully there will be many more. :partying_face:


I know I’ve posted about this before, but I was playing with it again this morning and it’s a really nice effect at 4k. Basically an upscaling effect which still looks pixeley in the advanced preset using scalefx, sharpen, and a bit of res multiplier and some downsample blur

A. Default

B. Smoothed, core res mult increased vertically to 1.25

C. Smoothed, core res mult increased vertically and horizontally to 1.25

Parameters for B.