I read that twinaphex had conflicts with libretro core developers

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  1. Licenses haven’t been ignored by the libretro project, if anything that would be the other way around : we kept some projects free under their previous license while upstream changed theirs for a less-free one, which was perfectly legal because changing license upstream doesn’t change the license of (hard) forks.
  2. If you think ignoring licenses is ok, get lost, never say such crap ever again on this forum, i won’t warn you twice, that’s not something i’ll accept joking about.
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By the way, I was referring to https://twitter.com/endrift/status/1340089578766487552

It seems people aren’t really tolerant of even talking about different ideas. Can’t even discuss. Where is diversity of thoughts? I remember people talking about diversity a lot a few years ago. But, they talked about diversity of skin color rather than diversity of color of your thoughts. Diversity of thoughts is never allowed in mainstream discussions.

Shutting me up doesn’t magically prove that you are right, by the way. If you think you are right, your arguments will hold no matter what. Simple as that. I’m not saying I have truths, but truths do not need protection from different ideas and do not need censorship of falsehoods and different ideas.

That tweet was a spurious accusation. The code in question was from gcc headers. If that code also appeared in the PS3 SDK, that’s on Sony and has nothing to do with us.

We have no beef with endrift and have only the utmost respect and appreciation for the work they’ve done with mGBA and their generosity in sharing that with us and our users through the libretro-ization they maintain.

As for licenses, as barbu mentioned, we take them very seriously and have a strong commitment to open source and the free sharing of information. Oftentimes when we butt heads with other developers, it’s because they don’t like what we’ve done with their open code (that is, not a license issue at all, but rather a control issue). We do everything out in the open in public repos. We have no secrets.

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Different ideas ? They share the source code they spent years/decades writing, have some respect for their work by following the license, this is not about being enforceable or not, this is about being human scum or not.