Issue with playlist generator and FBAlpha

Is it possible that even after checking with CLRMAMEPRO and applying the torrentzip compression some roms are still not being added via the playlist generator ?

Example: I have the (rom) that matchs the DAT file perfectly, but when I scan my roms, it’s not being added.

Any ideas ? Thanks.

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Yes, it is an issue.

First make sure you downloaded FinalBurn Neo, which replaces FB Alpha. Them make sure you have the updated databases.

Then you need to open the FinalBurn Neo core info file, which could be in cores/ or info/ and comment out or delete the following line:

database_match_archive_member = "true"

Now scanning should work.


Thanks @metchebe will give it a try and report back just in case.

What does this setting ?


My sets were recognized again after following your instructions.

This solved my problem thanks so much. Just set this to “false” and FB Neo detected all the roms and they all run great. Should be false by default if you were to ask me would have saved a lot of trouble :smile:

It works but I still can’t detect some games, like “kingofb” for example, my check via CLRMAMEPRO using the DAT DB is fine, but still not found by the Retroarch Search even after DBases update and latest RA version (1.7.8 v2). There’s another couple of games with this issue, not many but some.

Any suggestion ?

RA playlists deal with arcade cores horribly, it’s highly recommended to use third-party tools to generate them, i think there is a good guide there : HowTo: Generate Pretty, Curated MAME Playlists the Easy(ish) Way

This worked for me, thank you. Is this a bug?