LAKKA 2.0 MSX & MSX2 BIOS file put in which directory?


I am already put MSX.ROM / MSX2.ROM / MSX2EXT.ROM / MSX2P.ROM / MSX2PEXT.ROM in to /storage/system

but load xxx.mx2 ROM ,get a black screen and auto returne to MainMenu

is my BIOS file name error or put wrong directory ?

my lpl file is:

/storage/roms/MSX2/Kontora - Contra (1989) (Konami) (J).mx2 Contra /tmp/cores/ MSX/SVI/ColecoVision/SG-1000 (blueMSX) 4e82660d|crc Microsoft -


They should be in /storage/system/Machines.


I want those bioses <3, where are they at ?


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I am already fix this problem, I put a to /tmp/core and put MSX.ROM/MSX2.ROM/MSX2EXT.ROM/MSX2P.ROM/MSX2PEXT.ROM 5 BIOS files into /storage/system

at lpl line 3 write: /tmp/cores/

It worked ! hahaha…


the MSX ROMs are includes as part of libretro: click the link below


… Thank you verymuch