Latest mame rom scan not working

It’s been a while and I couldn’t find a topic related to my issue.

I downloaded retroarch 1.8.1, updated the database, core info, and download the Arcade (Mame) core. I scanned my a handful of mame roms (from a .215 set) and it did not detect any roms (no playlist created).

If I download the the Arcade (MAME 2016) core and scan the same directory then it’ll detect my roms and created a playlist (MAME 2016) same goes if I download the FB Neo core. I went to the database directory and deleted all the databases except fro the Arcade (MAME) core and retried the scan. Same result.

Is there a way to scan and have it auto create the playlist from the Arcade (MAME) core?

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Unfortunately the way RA scans mame roms doesn’t work most of the time.
You have to use a external tool to do so:

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Thanks for the reply. Saved me a lot of headache thinking if was something wrong with my roms or system.