thanks @hunterk !

atari800 is good as it work fine with Atari 8bits software(games/demo) and support A5200 games too. also at least i think cap32 is missing on windows too. if I remember other cores missing, I will pm you.


submitted mednafen psx hw documentation. will add a cuesheets, m3u, pbp guide to it eventually.


Great job, looks a fairly involved doc.


Once my latest update (pull request #60) gets merged, can someone fix the button images in the controller table? I can’t figure out what’s wrong with my markdown image syntax.

They’re not embedding on :confounded:

Edit: I think I found the problem. It’s because the Button Pack directory name has a space instead of an underscore


finished the bulk of

also started work on


There is a google doc with some handy info for naming and bits. Did you want adding to that?


sure, can i get a link to it?


Here is the link

PM me your gmail and I can give you edit access


A few questions.

What does Subsystem in the Feature Support table mean?

What significance does the Controllers entry in the Feature Support table have? I’m guessing entering no would mean the core only supports the RetroPad device type and entering yes would mean the core supports multiple device types, right?

Why are RetroPad and RetroPad w/Analog separate device types in RetroArch? Doesn’t the RetroPad already have analog sticks?


Im not sure on those things. As they were listed with API i guessed they mean something to devs.

I guess the option to have retropad with anolouge is just to have options. Many systems dont need or support analouge sticks.


@esoptron teplate is looking good now. I done a couple of small edita globally.

Will probably start hitting some more cores over next few weeks.whats your plan?


Come across this post and thought its worthy of a docs page.

I will try and add it this week if time permits (if i complete enough of Tony Hawks 2 that is)


I would like to propose a change to the “Feature Support” section of the Core template.

Here’s my suggestion:

  1. Rename the existing “Cheats” column to be “RetroArch cheats”, more precisely defining the information that is already conveyed in that column of the template
  2. Add a new column next to it named “Native cheats” to convey that the core in question has cheats that are accessed the same way as its upstream/standalone version. Arcade cores in particular.
  3. (optional) Eliminate the sentence above that table: “These are libretro features, not frontend or standalone emulator features.” This sounds like it means something or is helpful, but I think it actually doesn’t mean anything. IMO if the table in question is incomplete or out of date for a certain core, there should a note saying what the problem is, like with a problematic wikipedia page.

What do you think?


Im not confident on any of the feature table so wouldnt like to comment. Sorry bud

Do what you feel is right im sure it will be fine


Added a PR for making themes

And the playlist guide is nearly online


I’m requesting that a bounty be listed for creating MAME 2014 core documentation: [Request for Approval] Create doc page for MAME 2014 core


I’ll create new core pages too once I polish up the already existing core documentation pages


submitted a pull request to implement your suggestions


Added blueMSX core doc

Sent PR for RetroAchievements


Thanks to @markwkidd for submitting a bunch on PR’s over the weekend.

Mainy updating the specification section.

Other than cores the majority of the wiki has been moved over. Although i did find out about the github wiki section recently.