Great job, looks a fairly involved doc.

There is a google doc with some handy info for naming and bits. Did you want adding to that?

Here is the link

PM me your gmail and I can give you edit access

Im not sure on those things. As they were listed with API i guessed they mean something to devs.

I guess the option to have retropad with anolouge is just to have options. Many systems dont need or support analouge sticks.

@esoptron teplate is looking good now. I done a couple of small edita globally.

Will probably start hitting some more cores over next few weeks.whats your plan?

Come across this post and thought its worthy of a docs page.

I will try and add it this week if time permits (if i complete enough of Tony Hawks 2 that is)

I would like to propose a change to the “Feature Support” section of the Core template.

Here’s my suggestion:

  1. Rename the existing “Cheats” column to be “RetroArch cheats”, more precisely defining the information that is already conveyed in that column of the template
  2. Add a new column next to it named “Native cheats” to convey that the core in question has cheats that are accessed the same way as its upstream/standalone version. Arcade cores in particular.
  3. (optional) Eliminate the sentence above that table: “These are libretro features, not frontend or standalone emulator features.” This sounds like it means something or is helpful, but I think it actually doesn’t mean anything. IMO if the table in question is incomplete or out of date for a certain core, there should a note saying what the problem is, like with a problematic wikipedia page.

What do you think?

Im not confident on any of the feature table so wouldnt like to comment. Sorry bud

Do what you feel is right im sure it will be fine

Added a PR for making themes

And the playlist guide is nearly online

I’m requesting that a bounty be listed for creating MAME 2014 core documentation: [Request for Approval] Create doc page for MAME 2014 core

Added blueMSX core doc

Sent PR for RetroAchievements

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Thanks to @markwkidd for submitting a bunch on PR’s over the weekend.

Mainy updating the specification section.

Other than cores the majority of the wiki has been moved over. Although i did find out about the github wiki section recently.

Updated OP with the above links

Added a bunch of Beetle cores to the library this week!!

Soooo many to go lol


Been doing other things recently but docs is still growing

@markwkidd Has continued his work with Inputs and recent Multi-Mouse feature additions

@esoptron Has been adding to add cleaning up the cores library aswell as making little tweaks to the Docs website interface. Some cool additions recently with the new package for extra formatting. (Which I cant seem to find the details on at this time)

@meleu dropped in with some good updates to the current RetroAchievments compatibility. :slight_smile:

Also the higher devs have been cleaning up the code and fixing what we break . Thanks @anon90536803 & @anon24419061

Happy Days


Thank you,

I will have another read.

When I get to a PC I will update the OP.

Fyi @esoptron im working on PPSSPP core page, although it will be of lower quality than your work.

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Hey man, I’m kind of late to the party since this topic started in May.

So the link you posted in the first part of the page is awesome. Where has all this documentation been?? hahaha.

I did see though that we got the new audio options added to gensplus, but it still doesn’t say the name for the genesis/md bios that allows you to see the licensed by sega screen.

I would love to add to this, I’m just not sure how.

Haha hey skyhigh!

For a simple addition like this your best to create an issue on the docs github repo with the info you want to add.

If you want to help out the brief process is.

Create github account Fork the docs repo Learn how to use github commands Use something like Atom text editor to edit files on your local machine Send a PR with your changes.

I fumbled though it at the start but a few more people are contributing now so we need to be a bit more careful and competent with additions.

The discord chat service is a good place to talk about this if you serious.

Hit me up if you want to join the party.helpers are always welcome and you have the knowledge im sure

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Some decent updates this weekend!! and more on the way…

Esoptron is clearing up the bsnes cores and Beetle Saturn gets a page

Alfrix gave RetroAchievments a great facelift.

I made a reasonable start on PPSSPP

RobLoach put in some technical info for building docs

Just waiting for the changes to take affect. Not sure its building correctly right now.

Anyway people I’m taking a bit of a break from this project. Had a little upgrade at Hyperspin forum so going to switch my focus back over there.

I will be about but not as much. RLS is also getting hectic.


Cool I added those.

When im at a pc i will try to format that monster OP a little better

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