I honestly can’t wait until we can nuke the old Libretro Wiki. :grin: Seeing it linked to on other forums or at the top of google search results frustrates me so much.


Added to the todo list line 403


Could add a page in docs for WIP status maybe. Link to it from the “contribute to this documentation” blurb


Looks like we’re getting more visitors to the docs. I already see people linking to specific doc sections on reddit.


I’ll move the To-Do list to the Documentation Guide section in the mkdocs.yml. Good idea?


Boa noite.

Poderia me ajudar.

Nao consigo instalar o retroarch, ja mudei DEP instalei alguns driver , arquivos e programas , mudei meu windows 7 para o Windows 10 e mesmo assim no meu desktop nao funciona.

Ja instalei no meu not.


Check here


libretro/docs is far from done but after looking over all the pages of the LibRetro Wiki, nothing of value would be lost if the Wiki was shut down right now.


I don’t have a Wiki account so if someone else could wipe the whole main page and leave a giant link to there, that would be very appreciated.


I can make a redirect actually, busy with something else ATM but I’ll do it later


Took the liberty as doing nothing on the loo :slight_smile:

Core pages still need getting rid of though


This is very minor but I’m in the process of hunting every ------- down and replacing them with whenever possible.

I noticed has the buildbot URL for the documentation link at the top of the site.

@hunterk I don’t have a WordPress login so maybe you can change it for me?


Done. Good catch. :slight_smile:


What do folks think about adding one more new page to the docs, focused entirely on how users can generate logs?

There is some material in the Troubleshooting doc about logs now, but it still seems like @hunterk and others on the front lines have to walk users through this on a regular basis.


Sounds like a good idea to me.


What platforms should it cover? I’m guessing Windows, Android and Linux are the most asked about.


Yeah I guess so…I know Android is not the easiest as really needs a PC and adb setup. I did get a decent logcat app this week (MatLog) but I’m not sure it picks everything up. Hopefully some others chip in with app recomendations as adb is a bit to cumbersome for many.


At one point, there was a discussion… somewhere… about a new RetroArch option that would output a log file from the most recent RetroArch run automatically to a predefined folder. That’s a bigger discussion but I think that this hypothetical new log feature had been proposed as the alternative to adb.

But I’ve never run RetroArch in Android myself, so what do I know!


I’ve created an issue on github for others who can contribute to the new Log doc:

You’ll see there I also submitted a PR to create the log doc and consolidate existing information. Currently OS X and Android have nothing much to go on. I’d suggest them as priorities if any among us has that information.


For OSX, they have to open a terminal and then go into the app bundle and then it’s just like linux. That is, retroarch --menu --verbose --log-file ~/log.txt (to drop the log into the home folder)


Added, thanks!

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