thanks! that was fast!

For Android, they’ll either need an external logcat app (I use .logcat but it’s hard to find thanks to its terrible SEO name) or use adb logcat from a PC.

This is a good reference:


I will look at that.

I’ve also created a RetroArch issue to at least record the concept about an automatic log somewhere where it might be remembered.

[Feature Request] Option to automatically log current session to disk:


libretro/docs got moved to a new repository. if anyone needs their issues reposted, let me know.


Anymore info? Why, link to new one

Will I need to start my local git from scratch and setup email notifications again do you know.

Going to go look


Something behind the scenes happened, I don’t know the details.

The new repository has the same URL.

I had to make a new fork/start from scratch. Pretty sure you have to set up the email notifications again too.

Also, travis and/or the deploy script might be broken, idk.

P.S. I go by Hedonium on Github now.


All these changes!!

Thanks for letting us know


Heads-up to others adding images such as shader previews. My latest PR moves all image directories to the same parent directory (/docs/image/) instead of them being all over the place.

Also took the time to update image paths in all the docs.



Would it be ok if the Libretro Wiki link was removed from the top of


Yeah, I’d like to see the whole wiki nuked at this point. It keeps coming up in google searches and then there’s no direct link to the content at the new location, just a link to the front page.


Taking a hiatus from this project until August.


You certainly deserve a break. My little break has gone way longer than expected! On behalf of the comunity big thanks for getting so much documemtation done :slight_smile:


@Thatman84 @hunterk

I apologize for the long absence from this project.

Had to finish up college.

I’ll be back contributing soon.

Sifting through half a year of libretro updates is gonna be fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

How was the repo doing when I was gone?


Hey, good to hear from you again.

There haven’t been many major docs changes in the meantime, though, aside from what markwkidd’s been working on. Here’s the commit log if you care to skim through it:


@esoptron no need to apologise

Nice to hear your back around, im still pretty inactive but markk has been keeping the pull requests going of late along with some others while you were busy.


@markwkidd has made some fantastic (imo) additions and reorganizing of the current docs.

Please check them out and get involved in improving the libretro documentation anyway you can. Preferably with github Pull Request or comments on current issues.

If that is beyond you skill set your welcome to post suggestions in this thread.


Esoptron here

Woah you’re right, markwkidd has been doing some very excellent work with the docs.

Time for me to help out instead of not communicating for months again lol.

Ok, I’m back on board for real, starting today. :slight_smile:



This is from all the repos I followed during my break, ahaha.


Created a PR for REminiscence core documentation.



Can’t seem to switch device types via touch controls on a fresh Android RetroArch installation. Is this intentional?


if you make the overlay visible in the menu, can you cycle through with that?