Linux 19.2 Cores & Games Not Loading

I’m new to RetroArch. I did get it installed on a Raspberry PI 3 though and have it installed on this PC running Linux 19.2.

I think I have the same problem with both systems. I have RetroArch running, but the Cores don’t seem to run and the only game out of about 400 that will even show up is Ninja Gaiden. It appears to be running NES/Famicon (Mesen).

I have the cores updated through RetroArch. They show up but do not run. The only two that run are the NEX/Famicon (Mesen) and 5200(Atari800) which says it needs a real Atari OS.

I’m new to these newer emulators and front-ends. I’m a fast learner if anyone can point me in the right direction. Thanks!

Games not showing up in scans is not unusual if your ROMs are just random ones you have lying around. Our scanner uses No-Intro and Redump hashes for matching (as opposed to, say, filenames), so if your ROMs don’t match those sets, they’re not going to show up in a scan.

Nevertheless, you should still be able to launch games even if they don’t scan. Just ‘load content’ and navigate to the game.

All but 4 of the ROMS were No-Intro. RetroArch unpacked them as they were in zip format. I had their Atari 7800 and NES packs. They both unpacked but never showed up. I even ran a list in that directory and it ran a progress bar for that. But they never showed up as a list nor any games appeared.

Do you have all of the databases (you can get them from the online updater) and at least 1 core for any system you’re trying to scan?

Yes, you need to install the core that runs the ROMs. If you have NES ROMs, you need to install the NES emulator core you want first, and then scan.

Sorry, busy week. I have updated all cores and databases through the online updated. I know have the games showing up. So most of the Nintendo games show 3 cores to use. None of them will run. Fails every game. The cores are supposed to be some of the best no-intro.

Please post a log of one of the failures to launch.

I have moved my project to Windows 10. I have the same problem and a new one. So I’m moving out of the Linux thread.