Mame ini file?

Does the Mame core produce a mame.ini file when you run the program or do you need to create one, if so what folder should it be placed in?

I think you need to create it. According to this doc, it goes into system/mame/ini/

Do i need to enable any other options within RA, as i have placed the ini file in the location you suggested but none of the settings in the ini file seem to be applied

Ini reading needs to be enabled in the core options.

You do need to create it. The system specific ones go in system/mame/ini Like neogeo.ini

I don’t actually use a MAME.ini so not 100% on that location. Could as hunterk said or to line up with real MAME it would go in system/mame

Core options enable read & write configuations. I gues write only works if you have the correct folders but I have not tried it without them.

Ok thanks, for the MAME core does the ini file (if created and in the right location) override the actual RA setting, so jstuff like vsync, integer scaling, refresh rates, would those settings be read from RA itself or the mame ini file?