Mega Bezel Reflection Shader! - Feedback and Updates

N64 RDP etc. plugin architechture is a thorn in our Mega Bezel side. No other core has these features.

You have no idea how much work it has created for @HyperspaceMadness. We almost had to resort to software rendering just to get the core to display anything at all.

It was very strong magic @HyperspaceMadness worked to get it to run.

Wizardry beyond belief. :astonished:


Hello, my friends. May I ask - is this wonderful shader pack still going to be added to the main Retroarch download package?

Forgive me if I missed a post on this! Wishing you all well :slight_smile:


Yup, it will probably be added sometime soon :slight_smile:


So more post brightness is making the blacks less black?

I think the brightened blacks are coming from the grade black level (g_lift). So if you increase the post brightness then reduce the black level you should be able to get a higher brightness without washing out the blacks too much.

Seems like having a smaller ui increment on the black level parameter would help increasing the post brightness and reducing the black level. For now you could just put in a smaller value for g_lift in the preset file even though the ui won’t let you, E. G. g_lift = 0.002

I should probably add a parameter which would control a correction on the black level related to the post brightness so you could adjust the post brightness without affecting the effective black level.


Wow, these shaders are amazing. A bit overwhelming in terms of the amount of options to mess around with but I’m willing to learn and figure it out. Kudos to OP for making these.

I’m currently using @Duimon’s console based bezels and they look amazing. I want to add on top of that though some settings changings for myself. I’m trying to emulate a Sony Trinitron or Megatron as accurately as possible. when it comes to colors, masks, gamma, noise, etc. Anyone know where to start to get this done? I’ve noticed some parameters that aim to make this process easier but there’s a lot of other settings to choose from as well. Not sure what some of them even do.

Thanks again for your hard work. More people need to see this!


Hi @fuzzydunlops welcome to the forum!

Thanks! Yeah the number of parameters is a bit overwhelming, at some point I want to have UI which has at least sub groups for parameters so they are not all displayed at once.

Yeah they do don’t they :grin:

If you have a really bright monitor you could try the Megatron presets. It’s possible to use them with Duimon’s presets by copying one of his presets and changing the reference line to point at one of the Megatron presets. These presets have been calibrated to the look of specific CRTs, so if you have a bright display these might be good options. If you have a regular brightness LCD then Guest’s shaders are a better bet, although they can be set to achieve very strong masks as well.

In terms of colors you can look for the Grade color correction in the parameter list which has color temperature and gamma settings. If you are using one of the presets based on Guest’s shader then the settings for masks are at the bottom of the list.

It can often be interesting to look at existing presets to see can also take a look at some of the community presets which might have looks you might like, in the Mega Bezel presets folder there is a community presets which has some from @BendBombBoom, @Nesguy, @sonkun and @Cyber. Cyber also has a set of presets here:

I think the most important thing is try not to rush yourself and have fun trying out everybody’s stuff and experimenting. And you are always welcome to ask questions there are many generous people around here interested in helping others on their shader adventures :slight_smile:


I think these steps could be made into a separate step by step illustrated guide/faq/common functions thread where things can be conveyed and explained visually and in a bit more detail.

Other entries in the thread could be:

  • How to remove the bezels and maximize screen real estate, probably by using both the Max Int. Scale presets as well as manually by changing the shader parameters,

  • How, when and why to use DREZ Presets and how to avoid crashing due to limited resources on graphics cards by using native internal resolution and

  • How to get vertical games to be displayed correctly.


Thanks for the insight. I will try these settings out first.

Looking forward to a possible UI! Keep up the amazing work!


G’Morning bezellers! It’s just me with the Return of Guybrush fever?

Time to enhance these old drawings with some Mega Bezel love. Before/after for comparison.

I’m really surprised by smooth-adv and deconvergence major improvement over cartoon-style artwork, original 640x480 felt quite aliased, expecially on subtitles.

#reference "shaders_slang/bezel/Mega_Bezel/Presets/MBZ__0__SMOOTH-ADV.slangp"
post_br = "1.200000"
HSM_INT_SCALE_MODE = "1.000000"
HSM_AB_COMPARE_AREA = "2.000000"
HSM_FRM_THICKNESS = "2000.000000"
MDAPT_MODE = "2.000000"
CP = "-1.000000"
sega_fix = "1.000000"
wp_temperature = "7100.000000"
h_sharp = "9.000000"
s_sharp = "1.000000"
shadowMask = "7.000000"
masksize = "1.000000"
maskstr = "0.200000"
mcut = "0.700000"
mshift = "1.000000"
GDV_NOISE_ON = "1.000000"
addnoised = "0.100000"

Looks really really nice, Maybe the colour temp is a little cold in the second screenshot. AA looks nice (although i like a shaper image myself).


Hey thank you! Colder temperature really enhance contrast and black, just a matter of personal taste.

I’ll try to tweak sharp and downrez, deconvergence helps with countour lines but default settings introduce some blurriness. There’s some room to get better monkeys :star_struck:


Is there a setting that controls the radius of the CRT Screen corners?


You have the Bezel inner corner radius, and the screen black edge corner radius.


In progress integration of @guest’s kick-ass NTSC shader:


I predict your next release gonna be the best one yet, since the last release everyone with shader presets has been updating theirs everytime guest put out a new release and his latest releases added in some amazing sharpness settings for the ntsc versions, I’m sure my presets now look a lot better than whatever I gave you for the last release lol. Fun times ahead for everyone


The only thing I can ever still want from this amazing project, is a nice Vector shader which I can combine with FBneo high resolution, Rectroarch Vectrex core etc


Not even related to the shader, but I have SO many questions about “Olive Garden” Alien Soldier :rofl: :thinking:


Heh, so do I! Too funny, not sure where I found that one.

Now is the time to Infinite Breadsticks…


It is also possible to use an Android phone


MBZ__5__POTATO.slangp, which can be successfully used on mobile phones. But there is a problem, this filter cannot set the night light effect, I don’t know if it can be added. Other filter phones are difficult to load, only this gpu occupancy rate is not high, accounting for about 50%.