Mega Bezel Reflection Shader! - Feedback and Updates

Hello guys,

I was checking out the new Retroarch 1.11.0 release and now all cores work just fine with Mega Bezel presets except for Swanstation, that one takes a lot of time to load and then nothing, it does not take the shaders. Do you happen to know why is this happening?

Intro Animation Can be customized and turned off”

Where can i find the function turned off? :slight_smile:


Can you post a log?

I tried with internal resolution turned up and it failed but worked fine using a DREZ preset.

I am going to assume that is the issue.

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It is in the parameters group at the end of the Mega Bezel stuff, just before the Guest parameters.

or you can save a game, core, or content directory preset and add the line…


to the file.


Interesting, I wonder how that game looks with my composite presets. I’m not home at the moment to test it though

Have you tried Blargg_NTSC_Genesis_Composite_CyberLab_Special_Edition.filt or Blargg_NTSC_Genesis_S-Video_CyberLab_Special_Edition.filt from my CyberLab Custom Blargg NTSC Video Filter Presets?

These are now available in RetroArch 1.11.0 in the Video Filters folder as Blargg_SNES_Custom_Psuedo_MD_Composite.filt and Blargg_SNES_Custom_Psuedo_MD_S-Video.filt.

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Here is a shot with a your “04-crt-guest-advanced-ntsc-slotmask-j-warm-composite” stripped of passes and paths and used as a second reference to HSM’s “MBZ__1__ADV__GDV”. (Using the new RA feature.)

I turned off both Hyllian CB - Reduce parameters and it looks pretty good.

BTW I am using Hyl + Stripes parameter.


I did try it now, I actually didn’t know about these filters and I’m sure they’re going to be useful, both with and without the Mega Bezel, It does work to some extent but, the dithering in this game is so heavy I can’t say it’s much different from my previous screenshots.

I have to say it does indeed looks pretty good, better than my attempts, for sure. Personally I’d prefer less or no curvature, but even so, zooming it in gives a convincing CRT feel.

Is this preset available only in the lastest Mega Bezel updates?

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The log would help, also when you open a game in swanstation, can you go to the video driver and check if it is still set to Vulkan or Glcore?

Oh wow I didn’t know it’s now possible to use my latest shader pack with the mega bezel project with the latest RetroArch, that’s excellent news and it looks like @aorin1 likes the look as well.


Yeah, I looked at your presets and most of them seem almost 100% compatible except the Composite, the Composite has the extra out-tweaks and Mame-ntsc passes at the beginning, which will obviously result in a slightly different look.


Yeah I remember our conversation we had a while back, those composite presets were why my presets ended up being taken out of the mega bezel project, at first it was because of that mame_ntsc shader pass, now I added a whole new shader into the mix so that doesn’t make things any better lol.

Like we discussed in private months ago though all of those passes are necessary to get those composite presets to look the way they look now which I now love how they look.

Of course I’ll always be in agreement with seeing my presets apart of your project again if they all remain intact look wise and nothing needs to be compromised too much. I was sad the day we had that convo cause that was literally right before your project went mainstream and my presets weren’t apart of that, such is life though lol


Yeah, it seems like at least versions of the non-composite ones could be faithful to the look you have.


I guess the composite ones would still be a problem though, that sucks. Well with this new RetroArch update people can still use my pack with your project now so that counts for something


So here is an experimant. I stripped your “03-crt-guest-advanced-ntsc-slotmask-default-rgb” preset to just parameres and named it “03-crt-guest-advanced-ntsc-slotmask-default-rgb.params”, commented out the reference line in my SEGA Genesis preset and changed the extension to params, then created a preset with these contents.

#reference ":/shaders\shaders_slang\bezel\Mega_Bezel\Presets\Base_CRT_Presets\MBZ__1__ADV__GDV-NTSC.slangp"
#reference "03-crt-guest-advanced-ntsc-slotmask-default-rgb.params"
#reference "Genesis-[ADV]-[Guest]-[Bezel].params"

I wasn’t sure if three references would work but it appears to.

@aorin1 I also turned off curvature, turned on HYL + Stripes and PS1 Box Blur, and added some top and bottom cropping. These parameters could have been added to the final preset.

This new feature gives a lot of flexibility. It will be cool to see what @TheNamec does with it. (No pressure my friend. :wink:)


Oh wow, you just made a whole experiment out of this situation. Well if what you’re doing will make my composite presets compatible with the mega bezel project again I’m all for it


It helps a lot that besides my monochrome CRT presets I have zero CRT parameters. I have always left them at the defaults to let users decide what they want. There is nothing in my presets to conflict with community presets.

It doesn’t look like I can do that but the S-video and RGB will work just fine.

This will also work with any other Guest and Guest NTSC stand-alone mods.

That is too cool!

I will probably add a guide to my GitHub Pages site.


Damn, still no dice for the composite ones huh. Oh well I guess


Impressive, it really shows how heavily this game relies on dithering, it’s also nice to see other games being treated with shaders like these you’re messing with. The game is looking great, even though the fonts took a hit, but what can we do. For curiosity, as I knew these games were also released on the Super Famicom, I fired it up on BSNES and anticipated the devs used the far superior color pallet of the console for a cleaner visual, but as the title screens imply, the Mega Drive versions were released in between 1993-1994 and seem to have been developed by SEGA, while the SFC were released in 1992 and developed by T&E software themselves, I’m pretty sure this series comes from 80’s Japanese PCs.

Here are two raw screenshots, the first being the Super Famicom version, I have to say that I prefer the Mega Drive version as the SFC could do so much more, if done properly. I mean, the sky is dithered in the SNES version, it could have used not only gradients for almost everything, but also transparencies for parts of the HUD.


Well you can sort of keep everything else and add back the Composite effect with my Blargg_NTSC_Genesis_Composite_CyberLab_Special_Edition.filt aka Blargg_SNES_Custom_Psuedo_MD_Composite.filt or Blargg_NTSC_Genesis_S-Video_CyberLab_Special_Edition.filt aka Blargg_SNES_Custom_Psuedo_MD_S-Video.filt filter presets.

It would be interesting to see how this hybrid (or hydra?) might look in person.

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