Mess177 Core


I used to have the mess177 core for RA and it ran GX4000 games fine. At some point I accidentally deleted it and now I cannot get these games to play anymore. Does anyone know how to get this system running without stand alone mame or have access to this older core?



MESS was merged into MAME, so you can run any MESS stuff in the up-to-date MAME core (i.e., the one without any numbers after it).


When happened the merge between mame and mess core?


It’s been quite a while now. Looks like v0.162 according to the internets.


I just deleted the working core by accident.


The “MAME 2016” core is based on the 0.179 codebase and has MESS built in. That’s so close to 0.177 that I would assume the vast majority of romsets would be compatible.


RA just crashes every time.


I have a 184 or older romset and hash file with the latest core. Literally just got it working on my phone.

Games go Anywhere/gx4000/

In retroarch “system” folder you need


From your mame emulator directory

Thats all thats needed


I had this working before just fine with no hash file. In fact, all of my MAME systems don’t use a hash file and run just fine. I had a problem getting it working before and it was most certainly a core issue. I would be willing to give it a try however if you sent me your hash file.


try following this: Game.Com in Retroarch should help you along