Multi disc for Sony Playstation and Sega Saturn using M3U files


It’s funny you mention that, because strangely enough Resident Evil 2 was the main reason I wanted to go through this process lol. It was driving me nuts that I had to have both discs in my favorites list.

I actually figured out another way to do the XML though that made my life way easier.

So, after setting up the m3u’s and putting them in the game folder, I just did a folder search for the phrase "Disc " (with a space at the end and WITH QUOTES to avoid things like Discworld or Disciples, etc…) and then moved all the results to a temporary folder.

Then I ran the Don’s HyperSpin Tool for generating XMLs with m3u and chd extensions, then moved the game files back to the game folder and viola presto alakazaaaaaam lol worked wonders.

I hadn’t heard of hyperspin checker before though, it looks pretty versatile, so thanks for pointing me there.


Hi @aorin1

That’s a really neat step by step guide, I was hoping you could help me with a Saturn guide for Panzer Dragoon Saga.

I’ve created a .m3u file containing the name of the relevant ISOs, as follows:

When I load the .m3u file, the game is starting fine.

I tried to load up an existing save and a save state to try the disk swapping part (I had saved just at the end of disk one with both).

Unfortunately, that ‘trick’ didn’t work, which means I have a bit of a slog to get back to where I was before!

No matter as it is a great game, but before I start again, have I done anything wrong above?

I’m also not totally sure what is meant by an ‘absolute path’ in this context.If I am simply loading the .m3u file will I be doing everything correctly?

Probably worth mentioning I am only using Retroarch.

Incidentally, is there any way I can re-use my existing save/save state or is that impossible now?

Many thanks.


You should check in your CUE file if it has the corresponding iso file, any typo will lead to error. Anyways, I’m not sure what image formats this method works with, I’d try bin+cue files since they are the ones that always work for this and PSX as well.


Thanks for the Guide



Absolutely fantastic tutorial and write up! Thank you so much. I have a question however…

Can the m3u files be associated with .cue file format or do they have to use .chd? If the latter, is there a similar solution for the .cue format? Please excuse me if someone else has already asked this.


I see a few replies above that you already answered this. I will seek advice elsewhere and also test this out. Thanks again for this write up!




Hey, thanks. As for listing cue files inside the m3u file, some other user will have to answer that since I never tried bin+cue, all my disc games are compressed in chd.