Mupen64plus uses gl, Beetle-PSX uses vulkan, what do?


I’m almost sure it doesn’t work that way…


The override thing works if you use an external launcher. If you don’t, you’ll end up with a core that has a different context from the menu, which will cause a crash. There’s a bounty open to fix that, but no action on it so far. It’s a more complex issue than it sounds.


I consistently forget not everyone is using a frontend on top of RA lol Though, I didn’t know it wouldn’t work on it’s own.


Actually, I just tried it and it didn’t crash on me. I opened RA and it’s driver is set to GL, and then I went to load content and loaded a PSP game, and it loaded and the driver is showing d3d9 now.


The driver doesn’t actually take effect until there’s a re-init.


I stick to the vulkan driver these days because the openGL one has some issues for me with vsync for some reason.