Need Assistance with RetroArch iOS

I have some questions concerning using RetroArch on iOS 12:

  1. I’m trying to download RetroArch for iOS but the download is a dead link. Is there someplace else to download it?

  2. After I sign the app with Cydia Impactor, how do I go about getting the games and BIOS onto my iPad Pro? It’s not jailbroken. I’d also like to know if it’s possible to move save files to and from the iPad. I have some games on my laptop I want to continue on iOS.

  3. I’m pretty good using the PC versions of RetroArch. Is using it on iOS generally the same? Are cores and other files still downloaded through the app? Are there any cores that I should avoid because they don’t run well on iOS?


  1. This is the thread you want: RetroArch 1.7.2 (iOS 11) ipa download + other emulators to get prebuilt ipa files

  2. You need iFunBox (older version has less bloatware) or even through iTunes to put in files like bios/Roms and then yes to move save files to/from the device.

  3. Usage and experience is the same - however, no, Apple doesn’t allow you to put new cores onto your device due to their signing policy. Long story short you’ll be stuck with what the ipa offers unless you download or build a dylib, sign it with a dev account and add to the ipa (to be fair the RetroArch wiki is good at explaining this bit in the compilation instructions)


Thank you. I should have expected using RetroArch on iOS would be more complicated.

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I made a new thread for v1.7.5 here :

I made clear instructions for adding ROMs directly inside the app, and all the required BIOS files are included for everything following the latest changes and even including hard to find or optional files… :wink:

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