Need some help with JVC PVM and OutRun preset graphics Bezels

Has anybody has success with implementing JVC PVM and OutRun preset and graphics Bezels.! I was able to load MegaBezel Reflecter Shader’s and I’m able to use most of the Shader’s. I’ve been trying to find these two Bezels, but no luck, any assistance would be appreciated.


The first is by @TheNamec

and the second by @Orionsangel.

Thank you! Were you able to get those two up and running?

My intent was to point you in the right direction. The first may not even be a released preset, since @TheNamec is fond of releasing WIP shots.

Those two threads would be a good place to ask more questions. :grin:

Keep in mind that the first shot uses the Mega Bezel. Replacing an existing background (For your own personal use.) would only be a matter of adding one line of text in a saved game, core, or content directory preset.

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Thank you so much! You have been a great help! Thank you for being kind and patient with me! I’m going to read up on these bezels. I work between retroarch and launchbox, I have got some of these bezels setup and working, but these are truly amazing. My overall goal is too play these on my big tv. I have a bunch of Retropie’s, but I think I’m going to build a more powerful machine to run all of these roms and emulators. Once again thank you and take care,

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You can download the majority of my bezels here at this link,

If you want to check out my work I have a YouTube channel and lots of playlists there that demos my content.


AWESOME Work, Subscribed!!! Thank you for sharing this!!! Just Amazing!!!

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