NeoCD via FBA


Oops, wrong quote. Was trying to refer to the neogeo cd games and how to get them to work in the new fbalpha core.

Core and Feature Requests

I don’t actually know, never done it myself. Just follow the instructions in that github thread.


there are no clear instuctions. that’s why i asked. i just came from that thread and I don’t know what the 2nd step even means…


Alright, I’m going to move this off to its own thread, as it’s getting off-topic.

EDIT: here are the steps:

*     you need a copy of and in your libretro system directory
*     you need to add --subsystem neocd to the command line
*     you can't load MODE1/2352 tracks (i'll try to fix this later)


dude, i just told you i saw that and i asked the questions of 1. what does step 2 mean and 2. does step 3 mean the roms with the songs on the outside of the iso…???

Otherwise when selecting a game, the core selection appears invisible and clicking on it goes back to the menu.


we’re in luck: