New gamepad autoconf process


Please! Help me, if possible. I’m having problems on the android version. My USB gamepad working in GUI menu of retroarch, but not in ROMS ! Gamepad defined as Tomee_N64_USB_controller in Retroarch (through OTG microusb interface). It is determined in the retroarch menu and works fine, but as soon as you launch any rom in any core - it’s not work. if after that you go to the retroarch menu, the gamepad also stops working! if you restart retroarch - the gamepad in the menu will work again, but only until the first launch of the rom :(.


i have this problem with my hyperking smartboy,this is really strange,i use retroarch 64 bit version on my xioami mi 5 sometimes i can navigate the menu,retroarch recognize smartboy as nes pc controller or android gamepad,when i save the setting and restart retroarch nothing happens, the autoconfig does not recognize the device ,the smartboy works with my oldboy or my boy without problems,please libretro fix this problem I would be very happy :frowning:


Good day, I have a question as I am new to this. I have a MX4k pro android box. I have installed retro arch but the snes controller I have doesn’t work. The screen is the blue and white screen. Can navigate up and down and side to side but can’t enter any categories. any help would be appreciated.