New sonkun crt guest advanced presets thread

had you disabled interlace interpolation mode for this test presets?

Not at all, I left it on mode 4. I did lower the interlacing scanline effect though.

i think not

this is aperture grille ntsc normal

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out of that, i really like the new shadow mask, is pretty good

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Another good catch. I forgot guest ntsc’s interlace mode is defaulted to 1 while hd is defaulted to 4. You’ve been keeping me on my toes lol thanks for pointing this out I’ll be switching all ntsc preset interlace modes to 4.

Nice, those pics make me wanna go play the game now and yes I like how shadow mask looks this way. I can’t wait to get this pack out I’m pretty much done putting together Slot Mask, shadow mask, aperture grille presets and got rf, composite (plus megadrive rainbow versions), s-video and rgb presets done. Only thing left is to make Japanese and PAL presets which will be easy then label everything up and ship it out.


New Version Release (09-21-2023)

Changes Made

  • Uses guest.r’s latest shader update version (2023-08-21-r1) and the new and improved Dogway “grade” shader.

  • Removed “neutral” presets and added in “normal” presets to go along with the new “warm” and “cool” white point temperature presets for US, Japan and PAL. So now “normal” presets is the new “neutral” presets and previous “neutral” presets have become the new “warm” presets.

  • Changed up the naming scheme a bit with all presets, all presets now have their resolutions at the beginning of the name.

  • Went back to using the guest ntsc shader for rf/composite presets, no more having to choose between ntsc 2-phase and 3-phase, guest ntsc will choose the appropriate phase for you automatically.

  • The mame shader used to create the “megadrive rainbow” presets have been merged into guest’s ntsc shader to try and keep a unified look with the standard ntsc presets (experimental).

  • Changed the name up to “New sonkun crt guest advanced presets” since I’m no longer just using the guest “hd” shader now.

  • Lowered the mask size for Shadow Mask presets.

  • Switched from the srgb color profile to rec 709 in the grade shader (gives a nice brightness boost).

  • Did some downsizing, removed the scalefx presets, they wasn’t giving the results I wanted. Also removed the “bonus” presets.

  • Random other tweaks within the guest shader settings.

You can grab the new pack in the first post.

Hope you guys enjoy the new look.


good jobs we feel the difference with the old pack


Thank you I appreciate it. My goal was to bring a different look this time around. The old pack is already a thing of the past as of today going forward, nothing is perfect but I feel good about this new pack here. Hopefully it makes its rounds like the last one did


This happens everytime I choose one of your filters for a game like this man please tell me how to fix this I selected number 62 something about bonus rgb

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Hello and welcome to the forum. I’m not sure why it’s doing that but you said you said you loaded up a “bonus” preset? That must mean you’re using a old preset pack as I’ve just removed those in my latest preset pack that I just posted up today. Let’s start with you updating to my new preset pack and see what happens. Be sure to update the guest shader first before anything, I put links and instructions on how to get everything going in my first post.

works very well with the latest version of guest.r (2023-08-21-r1)


I love it. I love how this pack came out. I kind of rushed when putting the Japanese and PAL presets together but I still like how everything came out. I hope you and everyone that uses it enjoys it.


May I ask where do you put the .r files is it the same place as slang shaders?

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Yes. Copy the whole “sonkun” folder and drop it right into the shaders_slang folder and you should be good to go. Also make sure you update the guest.r shader as well. I don’t think his recent update has been pushed upstream yet where you could just update your slang shaders through RetroArch. I put instructions in my first post on how to manually update them.

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I did it friend and rgb really makes the colors of a game like this due to the age of my laptop vulkan makes it to where 59.99 is the most common frame rate but it doesn’t look like that

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From what I see in that pic the game screen doesn’t look flipped over anymore. So is everything working good for you now? It seems like it is.

I test several games on a few different systems and everything’s looks good!

The only thing I’ve noticed which I don’t think there’s a fix for is in some situations the mesh/checkboard doesn’t blend e.g. Mega Man 8 - left side of helmet and below/above the #2, also Street Fighter Alpha 2 in-between the character portraits


Nice, glad you’re enjoying it.

Yeah that’s that sgenpt-mix multpass at work there. That shader is still under development which is the most likely reason. Still the best option available as of right now in my opinion.

It would be good to use the sonkun shaders as for the Duimon shaders with overlay unless this is possible but I don’t know how to handle it


@sonkun adds some things to the Guest shader that aren’t in the Mega Bezel. So using his presets with the Mega Bezel is a no go. :frowning_face:

BTW, it is @HyperspaceMadness’ shader, just my presets. (And The “Bezel Project” overlays in the shot, so even less is mine. :grin:)

It would be possible to edit my preset and try the ADV-Smooth base preset. It may give you some options that will resemble sonkun’s work.