Per Arcade Machine Config in MAME or FBA

In MAME proper there is a way to save a specific configuration across an entire system like set aspect ratio for all CPS1 games, or set frame rate for all NeoGeo games etc. Is it possible in Retroarch with MAME or FBA?

I searched for this and all I found was RetroPI setups, that didn’t help at all.

Thank you.

I think there’s some way to do it via mame ini files but I don’t know the particulars.

You do them like:

RetroArch\system\mame\ini eogeo.ini

(“mame” could be “mame 2014” depending of which one you’re using)

You can make a vertical.ini for vertical games with “ror 1” inside to turn them around.

[QUOTE=Tatsuya79;49554]You do them like:

RetroArch\system\mame\ini eogeo.ini

(“mame” could be “mame 2014” depending of which one you’re using)

You can make a vertical.ini for vertical games with “ror 1” inside to turn them around.[/QUOTE] So, that’s what I’ve been missing, my path was retroarch\system\mame eogeo.ini

That’s cool. This method allows for editing of the core’s own internal settings. But it is not what I’m looking for since Retroarch saves configs populated with MAME parameters. And I wanted to use Retroarch’s parameters instead.

How to force MAME/FBA to recognize per-arcade-system config files (like neogeo, taito, midway etc) populated with RA parameters (without creating per-game configs)?

I could just buckle up and go through my arcade library (less that 100 games) and configure everything on per-game basis, but I’m interested if this can be done more efficiently.

The frontend and the core don’t really talk like that, unfortunately.

Shame, I was hoping that this is possible through some RA black magic, but I guess not. Thank you for answers, I think this info might be useful at some point.

Apologies for bumping an old topic, I was going to write a new topic but a quick search revealed this topic which relates to what I am trying to achieve.

I currently load system specific configs using a frontend (–appendconfig ) and they work perfect, I’m also aware of per core and per game configs via RetroArch.

What I want to be able to do is load the crt-guest-dr-venom shader (using TATE more parameter) and a custom overlay bezel .PNG for ALL vertical MAME (mame_libretro.dll) games using the --appendconfig command. Can I target MAME content this way?

I don’t want to create a config for every vertical based game, this becomes a pain to manage and bloats the setup.

Standard MAME has something already in place for a long time where you can load .ini files based on content type e.g. vertical.ini, horizont.ini, neogeo.ini etc…

It would be great if MAME in RetroArch had a toggle under options along the lines of “Content Specific Configs” and if enabled it looks for custom configs in the config/mame folder, the config files would follow the naming structure of standard MAME e.g. vertical.cfg, horizont.cfg, neogeo.cfg etc… but would load RetroArch settings. We could then specify different settings such as shader, overlay, video settings etc… based on content type.

Thank you for reading, any input or suggestions are appreciated.

You can use the new-ish ‘Content Directory Overrides’ feature and keep your roms in folders named as you mention (vertical/, hotizont/, neogeo/, etc.)

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@metchebe, that’s a fair suggestion and is one way of doing it. However, I prefer not to move and store MAME roms in that way, there are several thousand files in a full set and it will be time consuming sorting files out.

Thanks for your input.

You would probably want to use an arcade romset management tool to sort them into folders rather than doing it manually.

I think there are some romset apps that can filter based on the attributes you mentioned although I can’t vouch for any personally.

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For sure, If I went down the route of separating MAME games into sub-folders I would definitely use a romset management tool, it would be a pain to sort games in to content type manually, I would crazy!

Shame RetoArch’s MAME core cannot determine content type (vertical/horizontal) which would allow us to specify a config like MAME standalone does with .ini files.

Someone else used a ROM management tool to generate a batch file. I don’t know if you are willing to use a batch file or not but that could be another approach and this is the thread: [Batch File] [MAME 0.207] Overrides / Shaders Presets - Vertical Games