Per system options ( as save content dir)


Hi I understand the concept of per content dir to split system per cores. but is there a way to apply different option per system and then save it ? I would like to use fbalpha libretro for split aes system and mvs using a different option for each sytem changing the setting “NEOGEO MODE” Thanks


I think that should work fine with the content dir overrides, yes, as long as the AES and MVS games are in separate directories.


ok thanks I will make some try regards


You can’t do that as it’s a core option (opt file) to change that setting, not a general retroarch setting (cfg).
There’s no option override per folder yet.


Oh, you’re right. good catch.


Oh yes i think that from the start Thanks for this clarification


@Srk15372, you can split the core.

I’m waiting for “option override per folder” too.


yes I saw this but the batch is for fba 2012 and I would like to split if possible fba current. thanks