Possible?: MAME Playlist -- Display "Rom NAME" instead of "rmname.zip"

How can I configure the MAME playlist to display, “Marvel vs Capcom” instead of “mvsc”?


I still have this issue. Am I doing something wrong?

You need to rename the game’s Label inside the playlist file. Example:

 "path": "D:\\Games\\\\Arcade\\mvsc.zip",
      "label": "Marvel Vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes (Euro 980123)",
      "core_path": "DETECT",
      "core_name": "DETECT",
      "crc32": "DETECT",
      "db_name": "MAME.lpl"

This can only be done manually?

Yes, although you can use a tool that will automatically generate a MAME playlist for you. It is a little clunky but it works. It also supports automatically downloading thumbnails for for each game.

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Despite being about 1 3/4 years old, this program is still labeled as a virus and as malicious by multiple sources:



You can use v.1.0., which isn’t detected as virus and works flawless as well.

You can also download the source code, install AutoHotkey and generate with the AHK tools a *.exe by yourself, which is clean as well.

Hello. Before you release new and port, finish the old! I have tens of thousands of retro games, and when scanned, only a tenth comes into playlist. Delete your base completely !!! Let him bring in all the games, and not just the ones that you allow him / I can’t add so much manually. I have over 15,000 games for MAME.