Prepackaged MinGW-w64 + Git RetroArch development environment


Hi, learning to compile here. want to do Retroarch. followed guide. doing “make -f libs_x86_64” gives “no rule to make target ‘libs_x86_64’” error, so proceeded to use the older guide which says to manually extract (x64)headers and libs to retroarch. recompile using make -f, it wont compile. gives me an error “ recipe for target ‘obj-w32/gfx/drivers_shader/shader_vulkan.o’ failed”(dont know to get log so i just used "> log.txt after the command).

libretro-fbalpha compiled and run OK. how do i proceed here? thanks.


Those instructions are out of date. Use this compile guide instead:


[QUOTE=hunterk;50588]Those instructions are out of date. Use this compile guide instead:[/QUOTE]

thanks.will test this method soon. btw will it be easier building from linux like Ubuntu than windows?

UPDATE: ok, got it to compile. both normal and debug build-its wierd that debug version when running Mupen64 it hangs on Mario’s face(tested Mario64), \

also the --log-file option doesn’t seem to log what you see on the debug window, it only seems to write a few lines while debug windows shows a lot of things.this also happens on nightly builds.