Request: iNES Mapper 30 support?

Mystic Origins got an updated bugfix version.

Any update on the status of this?

the game seemed to have changed… i cant find the rom anymore in jar.

I’ll look at it after work. I have a backup of the old version if that’ll help.

The guy has said he’s probably going to attempt to obfuscate the ROM in the digital download on Steam for his full game. Maybe he’s testing that now. I find it really annoying that I can crowdfund a new NES game and then not get the ROM. That shouldn’t even be a thing IMO. I would not have backed it if I knew there would be flirting with DRM going on.

I just checked the jar he currently has up on his Steam page and found the game.nes inside the “mysticseraches” folder inside the jar just like before. Maybe try downloading it again?

Hey everyone! Just accidentally stumbled upon this thread…wow! It’s really neat to find complete strangers online talking enthusiastically about the project (usually, when i happen upon something, it’s trolls trolling). You guys rock! I wanted to let you know I signed up for this forum and am commenting so that I can let you know I support your efforts and if there are any questions you have for me directly, feel free to ask! :slight_smile:

Additionally, I noticed some of you are just now finding out that there is a NES homebrew community…that is one of the main reasons we started this project…to both draw attention to the fact it’s a thing, but also really show a vertical slice of the level of investment it takes to bring one of these games to life (compared to just creating a modern game with a retro aesthetic). I think you’d all dig the documentary (The New 8-bit Heroes) which was the complement to the game you guys are discussing. We just posted the trailer - check it out here if it sounds like something you’d be into (this trailer is specifically tailored for social media, btw, which is why I’m sharing the FB link)!

Feel free to get in touch with me here or directly (probably more reliable) at [email protected] with any questions you might have or if you would like any info that you’re not finding. You guys all rock :slight_smile:


Mapper30 should now be supported in Fceumm as of commit a298950 pushed just now. buildbot should be updated in a few hours. or just compile.


I tested and Mystic Origins now works! (tested in RetroPie on the Raspberry PI 3)

Thanks for adding this! :slight_smile:


I was wondering if you are still playing Mystic Origins… is this game still being developed?

Mystic Origins is just a demo for Mystic Searches.

The game Mystic Searches is still being developed with regular development updates for backers. I am concerned all the work on it could get wiped out at any time since the developer obstinately refuses to learn how to use Git, but it’s still being worked on at least and he says he has some kind of backup solution.

Personally, though, I haven’t actually gotten to play Mystic Origins much because I can’t play it on the go. It doesn’t work on my PSP or Nintendo DS due to the mapper. It works on my phone, (thanks to the fixes to RetroArch discussed in this thread) but my phone doesn’t have buttons and connecting a Bluetooth controller is a hassle.

I am looking forward to trying out the NESmaker tool more than playing Mystic Searches itself. That tool seems like a really neat idea.

The newest Mapper 30 game from The New 8-Bit Heroes, “Troll Burner”, just shows a grey screen on latest nightly RetroArch FCEumm core on Android. Help? This is concerning because the goal isn’t actually to support individual games specifically: the goal is to support games from the NESmaker tool in general. There are going to be a ton of these once the tool is released.

The ROM’s here and it allegedly works on FCEUX on PC.

Works fine here. I wonder if the core isn’t building on Android, so it’s stuck on an old version or something…?

Mystic Origins works. Troll Burner doesn’t.

I get RetroArch for Android through F-Droid so I should be running the latest nightly.

It looks like the core last built for armeabi-v7a on 1/23, which sounds new enough… I’ll try to test it on my Shield this evening.

Well it’s definitely happening on the latest nightly on my Galaxy Note8

This behavior of getting stuck on the grey screen occurs on both the Android and PSP nightlies for today, January 30th. This does not occur on 64-bit Windows 10. The game runs fine on there.

I updated to the latest nightly on Android with F-Droid and to the latest nightly on Windows with Stellar. Had to update the PSP manually.

To be clear, on both Android and PSP, Mystic Origins works but Troll Burner does not, while both games work on Windows.

I can also try to test on RetroArch via RetroPie on my Raspberry PI 3 if that would help.

Should I make an issue on Github for this or is posting it here on the forum good enough?

Looks broken on 64-bit linux, too, just in a slightly different way:

Once I press start to get past that screen, it blackscreens, though the framecounter keeps going.

Yikes. Really hope this can get fixed!

I’m sure it can be fixed. It’s probably a good idea to open an issue on the core’s github tracker, though, just to make sure it doesn’t get lost/forgotten.

Semi-related, I’m super-stoked for the NES Maker tools.

havent really tested mapper 30 other than battletorment(was that the name?) and mystic something. what this even an issue before on those platforms?