RetroArch 1.3.6 released!


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Retr0Arch 1.3.6 Released!!!!!

And Vulkan crashes on Windows 7 despite my GPU being supported

Well that’s just peachy.


Vulkan support: Yes means it’s built with Vulkan support, nothing else


And yet it doesn’t work on my end, the bloody program crashes when I change the driver to Vulkan, care to explain why me and other users can’t use a feature that, while being supported by our hardware, won’t run without crashing the emulator? Seems kind of like a tease if it’s supported but doesn’t work. Another user and I have posted this in a forum and it was blatantly ignored, I was looking forward to using the Vulkan N64 emulator, I was wrong, guess that’s never gonna happen.

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Issue reported that Vulkan crashes every time the driver is changed in RA, load up RA after changing, doesn’t work. User reports aren’t being addressed, so much for Vulkan working on supported systems. -_- Oh well, I’d file a bug report, but we all know how well those go.

RA says Vulkan is supported, changes to driver in settings, saves and exits, opens up emulator and crashes immediately. Well then.


dude, chill out. No one is ignoring anything.

What radius is saying is that just because RetroArch was built with Vulkan support doesn’t mean your system is actually set up for it, and just because your GPU/driver says it supports Vulkan doesn’t mean that support is complete or compliant enough for ParaLLEl. Vendor’s Vulkan drivers are still a mess, currently, and many that are marked as supported either don’t work at all or have massive bugs.

We’ve been working with a developer from Intel to fix bugs in the open source Mesa driver but we don’t know the state of their Windows driver yet. AMD claims Vulkan is supported all the way down to their 7730 models, but my 7770s don’t work.

The first thing to try is Nvidia’s Vulkan threaded-rendering fish demo (you have to launch it from a command line with some command line switch; it’ll tell you what to do). If that works, RetroArch/ParaLLEl probably will, too:


Okay, I didn’t know what was going on, and now I feel like an idiot. Chances are that even though my device “supports it,”, it may not actually truly be capable of doing so. As such I’ll run the test and see how it fares, hopefully I’m not 100% CLI illiterate enough to run it. Luckily I don’t have an IGP, but an nVidia GTX 660, I assume I just download the demo from here? I can’t seem to find any downloads for testing on Windows, I only see Android tests. Where’s the link for the CLI test?

Edit: Well that sucks, seems Android only work with Vulkan on Marshmallow and above, that’s BS; I’ve heard nothing but bad things when it comes to MM and emulators.


scroll down to the fish demo and it should have an exe file in there somewhere that you can run.


Driver issue…N64 emulator works (despite still being very much early stages)

Well, due to my idiocy, it’s time for me to beat myself up and berate myself, who wants to join?


I think an apology would be nice. You were very entitled, inflammatory, and berating. All for something that just barely came out, with the caveat that it’s not fully ready, but that they wanted to give us a taste as soon as possible. Your attitude is that the developers owe you something. Why?? They could be sharing this program amongst themselves only and avoid being randomly chewed out for no reason. I’m glad they shared this. I was in the market for a graphics card that’s CUDA 2 or better, and this news pushed me to order one that is Vulkan ready.I think that this announcement will encourage other developers in the emulator scene to adopt Vulkan and that might open things up for those of us using older machines (with updated graphics cards).