Retroarch 1.7.0 slow Scan Directory

hi, i have noticed that on retroarch 1.7.0 scan directory option is very very slow compared to 1.6.9 version. why? i use ArchLinux 64bit.


We noticed it, too, but haven’t pinned it down. If you’d like to help us bisect, we’d owe you a virtual beer :slight_smile:

OK, tell me what could i do to help you. unfortunately i’m not a programmer :frowning:

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it doesn’t take any programming, just being able to compile it yourself and use the ‘git bisect’ command:

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I never realized that a ‘bisect’ was an actual git command. I’ve been ‘binary searching’ commits manually in the past. Mind blown! :heart_eyes_cat:

lol yeah, git is full of stuff like that. I just learned the other day about git rerere but haven’t gotten to use it yet.

I HAVE FOUND WHERE IS THE PROBLEM. It starts from this commit:

25 Nov 2017 - twinaphex - Add HAVE_CONFIG_H to file_stream.c

$ git bisect start
$ git bisect good 0485bab
$ git bisect bad 72fdfb1
72fdfb1edd4ce50c158a16b6c14bb4dc18978d9c is the first bad commit
commit 72fdfb1edd4ce50c158a16b6c14bb4dc18978d9c
Author: twinaphex <[email protected]>
Date:   Sat Nov 25 06:17:19 2017 +0100

    Add HAVE_CONFIG_H to file_stream.c

:040000 040000 4c3025951d2907a31d84f6768d775ee902de3053 de9dfbc03b3e0dc3ee7378b874cad7864001e6c9 M	libretro-common

It was funny found it :slight_smile:


i have opened a Pull request:


Thanks for doing the leg-work there, quellen!