RetroArch Channel Support on Android Tv

The latest version of Android tv allows apps to have channels,any chance of retroarch having channels in it’s next build,so users can choose list(s) of games which show up on their desktop…ie playlists,last played ,favourites and can easily launch those games at any time

It’s possible, but probably quite difficult.

I don’t know what we would show there. I guess we could show boxart for the history playlist…

If it was me I’d show just recents.

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I would say recents would be real nice.

It’s a feature that would be great to see but not really expected.

favourites since they’re the games you play most often,or each playlist could be given a toggle switch so the user could have all their games show up when they start android tv if they wanted to and instantly launch retroarch by clicking on a game …ie

Favourites (game boxes here)

Most Recent (game boxes here)

Arcade FBA (game boxes here)

Arcade Mame …

Nes …

Snes …

Genesis …


Arc browser does that.

ARC Browser only does it for recently played games,and within limits(it doesn’t keep the games stored on the desktop,just 10 or so games) ,Retroarch is far more stable,doesn’t crash as much…I have Arc browser too but most times it’s just easier to boot up retroarch,dolphin,pspp without arc browser…arc browser is nowhere near as good as retroarch or dolphin when it comes to scraping games,that’s another reason retroarch would be preferable…if retroarch did this stuff you wouldn’t need arc browser and retroarch is free,in an ideal world Android users would have Emulationstation,we’re just stuck with Arc Browser or Gamesome

Here you go!

I haven’t packaged assets so you have to do the whole updater dance. Other than that it’s just RetroArch. Expect tons of bugs.

Changed the package name since this is my fork and I don’t intend you guys to break your setups testing this. I may add new changes to the fork in the future.

I figure this will be folded in rather quickly anyway.

Yes you have to enter the main menu items twice for now.

(video link)